What we're about

•What is this Meetup's purpose?

Can you imagine Chicago with starlight? Are you old enough to remember when Chicago's or neighboring town night skies sparkled with real stars? Sadly, the National Park Service studies predict that by 2025, 90% of people living in the contiguous U.S. will never see starlight even once in their lifetime because of the exponential encroachment of light pollution. Personally, I think that awareness and activism have the power to restore starlight for future generations. What about you?

• Who should join?

Our ideal members have an appreciation of a starry night sky, and have a willingness to help restore starlight for today's and future generations. Each one of us can help in our own way. This will take creativity, collaboration and support for one other.

•Why should members join?

You can make a real difference.

We could be the last generation in the US to witness a starry night sky. The National Park Service studies predict by 2025, 90% of people in the contiguous U.S. will never see a starry night sky even once in their lifetime because of the exponential encroachment of light pollution. The detrimental consequences to the health of humans, ecosystems and environment are well-documented and profoundly sobering.

Brainstorming and working together to spread the word and the solutions can literally result in giving the stars back to all.

• What can members expect out of the group?

We will meet up at various locations throughout the year to listen to talks, brainstorm, and come up with synergistic plans to help get the word out about light pollution in order to restore starlight for future generations providing a healthier environment for people, ecosystems, and the environment. Whenever appropriate, we'll tie-in telescope viewing, or other ways to enjoy the starry or meteor-filled sky.

Then, whoever can, will put those plans into action. Writing a story, doing a radio interview, offering public testimony, offering talks or special events at schools or nature areas, contacting public officials, recruiting more help and mentors.

• Community:

The synergy of sharing; The sharing of synergy is key to our community. Every single one of us has something to offer in our own way. An idea, a song, an experience, a skill, a hope, a dream, a connection--- Together, the possibilities of synergy are endless and unique. We may even be able to restore hidden wonders-- the stars!

We'll meet in person and develop ideas and report progress on our Meetup site. All are welcome. Diversity is essential.

Upcoming events (1)

Let's Talk About Light Pollution... and set an action plan for 2019

Wild Blossom Meadery and Winery

Tuesday, Jan 29, 2019. 7:00PM to 8:30 PM. Doors open at 6:00 PM. Free. Venue: Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery, 9030 S. Hermitage, Chicago Chicago resident, Audrey Fischer, delegate and past BOD member for the International Dark Sky Association, will offer a formal presentation about light pollution, and wants to hear from you about the challenges you are having in your community. Goal is to set an action plan for 2019. Everyone is welcomed. Audrey has been an invited speaker regarding light pollution in the USA including Mauna Kea in Hawaii, as well as the Canary Islands, and Romania. Find out why the American Medical Association strongly recommends to install amber or warm white streetlights and not bright white streetlights like the ones currently being installed throughout Chicago— including residential areas. Do you know that a single streetlight trespassing in through typical bedroom curtains will render Tamoxifen, and some other commonly-used chemotherapy drugs ineffective? Do you know that it is now technically possible, economically sensible, and highly beneficial to human health and safety, environment and ecosystems to restore starlight, even— especially over a city? Do you know how to recognize the difference between a responsible outdoor light and a light-polluting fixture? Did you ever wonder if your outdoor lighting is unintentionally harming your neighbor? Learn about circadian disruption, melatonin suppression and light pollution— especially blue wavelength white light at night… and the quick fixes and long-term permanent fixes. RSVPs are appreciated but not required. Please RSVP, if possible, on this site. Questions? Call Audrey at[masked], or -- better yet, post your questions here on the meetup site. Wild Blossom Meadery and Winery 9030 S Hermitage Ave · Chicago, IL Note: Wild Blossom Meadery and Winery is accessible by the Metra Rock Island Train Station/ Beverly Hills 91st street stop. Wild Blossom Meadery and Winery is a 2-minute walk and is the 1st building North of the train station on the same side of the tracks. Although, after the meeting -- if you're going home towards the LaSalle Street station, the train leaves at 8:12 PM (so you'd need to leave the meeting a little early) or wait for the 10:46 PM train (and stay late). Wild Blossom is bordered by the Major Taylor Bike Trail and the Dan Ryan Woods Forest Preserve. The trails here are unexpectedly beautiful. You truly can forget you are in the city.

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