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Ecstatic Breathwork + Sound Healing: Releasing Scarcity & Fear
Ecstatic Breathwork, Sound Baths, & Sound Healing Exercises have numerous Health, Emotional & Mental Benefits. They are known throughout numerous traditions to be key to develop a deeper awareness, connection & awakening of the Spirit Body. They are also fun, playful, sensuous, and incredibly rejuvenating. They can also help to quickly clear, in a very healthy & effective way, unwanted energies and memories that may be stuck in the body. For the month of July, we learn and focus on releasing disabling fears, and feelings of scarcity and lack. These feelings are generally recorded in the Root and Sacral Chakras, where our principal stimuli and focus will be through various methods. We explore releasing these feelings through Group Dialogue/Coaching, Ecstatic Breathwork, Purifying Organic Herbal Teas, Toning, Mudras, Acupressure Points, Meditations and Sound Baths. The Ecstatic Breathwork & Sound Healing Classes include: • Blissful Healing Sound Baths • Ecstatic Breathing Lessons That Focus On An Area of The Body & The Benefits of Working On This Area of The Body • Guided Meditations to Help to Gracefully Integrate Energy That Has Been Raised In The Body • Healing the Body and Corresponding Chakra with Bija Toning • Group Dialogue and Coaching • Stimulating The Olfactory System, Body and Corresponding Chakra with a Meditation Oil Facilitators: Erika Buenaflor has been teaching Meditative and Breathwork Training for over 20 years. After using holistic healing methods to fully recover from a catastrophic injury, where she was told that she would likely not walk again and be in pain the rest of her life, she became dedicated to teaching about the amazing gifts of alternative healing methods. She has written Cleansing Rites of Curanderismo, Curanderismo Soul Retrieval (release date 5/19), and is working on her 3rd book. Find out more at Miguel Buenaflor is an incredibly patient and sweet soul, as well as a spiritual musician. Miguel has a unique and intrinsic way of connecting with nature, and facilitating deep purification-healing meditations. He also has a knack for tuning into the body’s subtle energies, and using Balanced Movement to keep the body energetically aligned and tone. He has experience using Balanced Movement, acu-yoga, meditation, and energy healing to boost the immune system and heal physical injuries.

Altadena Mindfulness Meditation

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