Soul Retrieval Workshop. The North: The Place of Ancestral Wisdom & Guidance


Traumas in life can often lead to soul losses, sometimes we don’t know exactly what or why something is missing, & we know it is. At the Soul Retrieval workshops, we will learn the processes of how to do Soul Retrieval work using ancient Mesoamerican wisdom and methods.

On this day we learn the essentials of:
• Shamanic Journeying To Go Into The North, The Place of Ancestral Wisdom & Guidance
• Understanding & Experiencing The Multi-Faceted Wisdom of Our Ancestors
• Obtaining Guidance From Our Ancestors To Retrieve Soul Pieces in A Graceful & Long-Lasting Manner
• Experiencing The North Through Shamanic Dancing, Breathwork, & Vision Quests
• Curanderismo Platicas (heart straightening talks) To Interweave Ancestral Wisdom & Guidance with Gracefully Grounding The Soul Back

RSVP: Please make sure to email [masked], so we bring worksheets & supplies for you

Facilitator: Erika Buenaflor, Curandera, Spiritual Counselor/Coach, and Author

Erika has 20+ cumulative years of practicing as a curandera; mentoring with curanderx and shamans in the Maya Yucatecan jungle, LA, and Peru; and studying ancient Mesoamerican shamanism and curanderismo in academia. She has a master's degree in religious studies with a focus on ancient Mesoamerican shamanism and curanderismo. She has written Cleansing Rites of Curanderismo, as well as Curanderismo Soul Retrieval. As a modern-day curandera, she excels at translating and applying this sacred knowledge to help her clients realize and live their BLISS. Find out more at: