2hrs Badminton @ActonTown 12-2 pm £5

Acton Badminton
Acton Badminton
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Every week on Saturday

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Next event:
Start Time: 12pm, finishing at 2pm. Saturday
Location: Reynolds Sports Centre, Acton Town, W3 8EY (free parking)
Cost: £5.00 for the Session per person.
(Please do not turn up if you're not on the going list. You will unfortunately be turned away.)

Hi Everyone,

We're a fun group of mixed ability Badminton players who get together once a week. We'd love you to join us for regular session, we also have regular socials/get togethers after most sessions which you're very much encouraged to attend.

This week there we have the following courts booked:
12:00 - 14:00 - 4 courts

Bring your own racket as they can't be hired from reception although if you're lucky the organiser might have one. Blue (medium speed) yellow coloured plastic shuttlecocks are provided - although you are welcome to bring your own if you wish to play feather.

RSVP now to come to the next session, if you change your mind then please change your RSVP to no before 9PM the day before the session (usually a Friday) to give someone else a chance to fill your space. The cost for the session will be £5.00 per person, to be paid on arrival or before leaving.

We look forward to seeing you there for some great games of badders.

After badminton a bunch of us go for a drink and maybe some food, usually at a local pub, cafe or restaurant as decided by the organiser.

Many thanks,

Acton Badminton

*****Important Small Print*****

• Black, blue or red soled trainers are not permitted at the sports centre as they mark the courts surface. Please bring appropriate trainers so that you can enjoy your games.

• If you RSVP 'Yes' and then subsequently can't make it, please change your RSVP to 'No' as early as possible so that someone else can take your place. 9PM the day before a session is the latest you can change you RSVP to no to escape paying for the session.

• The RSVP system is automatic, if you are next on the waiting list and someone drops off the going list you will automatically be added to the going list all the way up to the beginning of the session. If you don't want this to happen then please change your RSVP to no at the point that you want to stop monitoring the RSVP list. If you leave yourself on the waiting list and are automatically put on the going list at the last minute it is expected that you will be attending the session or covering the cost of that place. I know this doesn't sound fair to be notified at the last minute but some people want to work that way (for example if they are local and want to play at last minutes notice). If that's not you then you must take yourself off the waiting list or you will be charged as a no show if you make it to the going list and don't show up.

• If you are on the waiting list with a +1 a "feature" of the Meetup automatic RSVP system we use is that you will never make it onto the going list with your +1 unless you meet all the following criteria, 1. You are next on the going list, 2. The person dropping out also has a +1. Since this is very unlikely to happen you will be passed over for the person behind you on the waiting list that doesn't have a +1, this will keep happening until there are two free spots for you at the same moment. To get around this please have RSVP by yourself and then have your +1 signup (for free) and do the same, you will then move onto the going list automatically as usual.

• No Shows will be charged full price for that session on their next visit. Members who RSVP 'Yes + 1' and whose guest doesn't arrive will be liable for the cost of their guest.

• People who change their RSVP to 'No' within 18hrs of the event will also be charged for that session on their next visit.

• Members regularly abusing the booking system will unfortunately have to be removed from the group.

Reynolds Sports Centre
Acton High School
Gunnersbury Lane
W3 8EY

Bus - E3, 440, 7, 70, 207
Underground - Acton Town (Piccadilly and District lines)
Cars - Limited parking is available in the school's car park