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Adelaide Blockchain meetup group is an initiative out of University of Adelaide and Flinders University that dedicates their time to engage and educate individuals on all aspects of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Web3.0 technology. We work closely with students, academics, industry professionals and the general public to run courses, workshops, meetups, talks and more. If you have any interest in Blockchain and cryptocurrency, whether you are just starting out trading, or your a seasoned developer in the space, your mostly certainly welcome !

Our discord: https://discord.gg/ukHH7fS

Our website https://adelaideblockchain.org.au

Our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/adelaideblockchain/

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🧭 May 9th - June 8th 🧭

The Metaverse will create entirely new novel ways of expression over the internet via innovative crypto/hardware technologies (NFTs, AR/VR, DAOs, 3D modelling etc).

👻 By becoming apart of, and hacking in the Metaverse Blockathon, this is your chance to help build the Metaverse future! 👻

So here is how it goes! For 4 weeks, hackers will have the chance to meet each other, form teams and hack on ideas.

Many workshops hosted by mentors and experts in the Metaverse and Blockchain industries will be run for the hackers to help them with their progress and answer all questions!

At the end of the 4 weeks, hackers will pitch their ideas, earn prizes and may even win the chance to fly to Paris in July to pitcher their idea!

If you are interested in hacking or contributing in any capacity, please fill out this pre registration form https://forms.gle/gbXSyx7ux8pDo7UV6

And, RSVP to our HACKER START virtual event on May 12th 8pm AEST where will bring all hackers together to cover all the basics and help hackers form teams! https://discord.gg/dSnf6mjZbF?event=970560526658703440

🌴We hope you are as excited as we are to build the Metaverse future, see you soon! Metaverse Blockathon team🌴

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