Design Ethics 1: Designing for Disability Inclusion with Sensory Spaces


Minor Works Building

22 Stamford Ct · Adelaide

How to find us

The session will be held in the Gallery (Lower Floor).

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Occupational Therapy is a unique profession that explores the dynamic interaction between people and the social, physical, cultural and institutional environments they inhabit. Universal design principles help ensure the ethical obligation of inclusive access for all and are the focus of this workshop.

Final year Occupational Therapy student Cherie Barnett will help you build awareness, skills, and capacity for developing design inclusive of disabilities, or what she prefers to call “varying abilities”. The discussion will be grounded in a case study of a community project around therapy in sensory spaces. Participants will learn how to apply ethical principles such as person-centred design, the therapeutic application of occupation (the activities that make us tick), and participatory community design, using practical tools and strategies.

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