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The Marketing Made Simple Group was known Adelaide Personal & Business Development Group until late May 2017. After several years the group focus changes and hence the name change.

We are a collaborative and supportive community group consisting of switched on, successful and passionate individuals, who want to share and contribute to their own Business Growth, whilst being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Sally the organiser, is a passionate marketing problem solver, with a flair for business development & a sales background. She share practical ways to grow your business profitability, though local area marketing strategies & fantastic networking.

Our community is composed of people from all walks of life, from entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals and parents.

We are here to share knowledge, connections, resources & collaborate with each other. We do this through regular networking events where we get to know each other & explore opportunities.

We have 3 Themes of Events

1. Discussions, Dinner & Networking which are run monthly with a topic of conversation.

2. Promo: Events & Workshops which are promoted when they are running in Adelaide & relevant to the group.

3. Business Show Case: Where we showcase members business to our community on a bi-monthly basis.

Our group is for everyone who wants to have fun and achieve the life they want, through simple means.

Join now, move forward, learn new skills and meet awesome people! See you at the next event!

Cheers Sally A Curtis

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The 12 Keys to Move from an Expert to an Industry Influencer

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Welcome to the community! Learn how you can move up from Subject Expert to Industry Influencer in just 12 steps with our masterclass, The 12 Keys to Move from an Expert to An Industry Influencer. You may think that you have hit a plateau in your career. But let me tell you this... you can achieve more, be more, and reach higher goals in your career! We know that you know your industry inside and out. You are an EXPERT. But why be satisfied with that? As an expert, you probably still experience difficulty in automating your lead generation and standing out from the competition. All these years of experience yet why does it feel like you’re still begging for people to work with you when it should be the other way around? This training will teach you that there is a way for you to surpass that even if you’ve supposedly hit the glass ceiling in your career. This one-day training is for you if: ✔️ You are a business coach, marketing consultant, copywriter, business manager, or an industry expert in your field ✔️ You want to grow your influence and build a stronger brand so that you can get more premium leads and offers ✔️ You want to be empowered and get rid of your “Imposter Syndrome” ✔️ You want to fast-track your growth and achieve more goals faster In just one jam-packed day of training, you’ll learn how you can achieve these and more. Sally is committed to helping you strengthen your uniqueness and empower you to take action. You have inside yourself what you need to succeed. It is your YOU-niqueness and I will help you use it to your advantage. What you will learn from this value-packed training: ✔️ Follower Building: Build a tribe that is a perfect match for your expertise and what you’re offering. ✔️ Client Database Management: Build, grow, and manage a client database that will ensure a 40% open rate. ✔️ Call Cycle Planning: Plan your call cycles to identify and target the best opportunities and add more value to your sales calls. ✔️ Content Planning: Create and schedule your own content that will be effective in establishing your influence in your field. ✔️ Podcast Production: Harness the power of podcasting and create content that resonates well with your audience. ✔️ Webcast Production: Webcasting helps you reach a wider audience and can be learned by anyone regardless of expertise. ✔️ Email Marketing: Increase the open rates of your newsletter and keep your followers from unsubscribing. ✔️ Social Media Marketing: Reach out to your followers through social media by developing a campaign that will work for your business. ✔️ Linkedin Marketing: Linkedin is the most powerful social media tool for businesses. Learn how you can wield this so that you can establish your Industry Influencer brand. ✔️ Website Marketing: Get more sales from your website by optimising and promoting your website to reach more people. ✔️ Speaker Marketing: Build a bigger speaking business by marketing yourself with high-visibility collateral. ✔️ Referral Marketing: Find out how you can build a stronger word-of-mouth marketing to get more referrals. Discover yourself and what makes you YOU-nique in your expertise so that you can be the Industry Influencer that you ought to be. Reserve your ticket now. See you there! Sally

Purpose, Possibilities, Planning and Profits

The Oxford Hotel


Join me for a night of Great Discussion, Dinner, and Networking! Come at 6 PM for a 6:30 PM start. We will discuss the real steps you need to take to ensure your success for the second half of the year. ✔️ Purpose: It is crucial to know the path you are on and stand firm on staying in that path. Stop getting distracted by “shiny objects!” Yes, I know it’s easy to say, but often hard to do. So what are the things that we need to do to refocus? ✔️ Possibilities: What opportunities have you seen and what action or inaction did you take and why? ✔️ Planning: With the answers to the above question, you can create your personalised strategy plan. ✔️ Profits: Your profits follow your calendar so now is the time to put your strategic plan in action into your calendar. 💡 The truth is it is really simple to follow a consistent plan. 💡 The trick is determining the right plan for you. We will discuss all this and more in this meetup! As a bonus, I will teach you how to create the right plan that is tailor-made for you. Real success is within your reach. Make 2020 your best year ever. Reserve your spot now! See you there, Sally

Networking for Leaders

The Oxford Hotel


We are inviting you to a night of delicious dinner, insightful discussions, and networking with entrepreneurs and leaders. * Join us at 6pm for a 6.30pm start. Did you know that 87% of business sits in your network of connections untapped? 🤯😨We are all busy, many of us feel isolated. If we are business owners or organisation leaders, it is easy to feel all alone, that you are the only one with challenges or problems that feel insurmountable at times. 💝Humans naturally want to contribute, connect, & collaborate. We have just forgotten how to start these conversations. A strategic network should both support & challenge you to be more. It helps you gain influence, broaden expertise, learn new skills, and find purpose and balance. The new way to Network is to know how to Network the Networks! Know who you have access to and what help is truly available to you. Seeing who you have at your fingertips is the easiest way to overcome common challenges, solve problems efficiently, generate leads, gain more referrals, and grow your business or organisation. Start fast! 🏆🥇It takes very little time to move from an Accidental Network to Strategic Network, however, the results are enormous!🤑🤑 It starts with: ✅ Defining - Who you have in your network ✅ Clarifying - Which of the 3 groups of connection do they fit into ✅ Magnify - Asking the right Key question 🏎️This is how you fast track your growth! Now's a perfect timing since it's the New Year!!. ⭐️A year can make a difference for you. Find the network that's Connected, Collaborative and wants to Contribute. I have worked with many of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, helping them exponentially increase their growth through innovative methods of planning, marketing, and strategic networking. 💡Dan Smith, “Sally is my go-to networking and marketing specialist. She has volunteered hours upon hours to startup businesses through MassChallenge and other programs over many years. A highly passionate and skilled individual!” Are you ready to rub shoulders with the best and brightest leaders and entrepreneurs? Reserve your spot now! See you there!

Influencers' Dinner

The Oxford Hotel


Welcome to the community! You are invited to a night of fantastic food and networking opportunities! I like to make a point of meeting great people I am connected to. It’s my life’s mission to bring great people together from my different networks and help them expand and grow both professionally and personally. I am able to do this through my Influencers’ Dinner on Friday, October 12th from 6 pm for a 6.30 pm start. I usually invite an intimate group of 20-30 people so that everyone can get the chance to meet and talk. Let’s simply share a meal together and great conversations in a private function room. Reserve your spot today! If you can’t make this one but keen for future ones, let me know and I will keep you posted. Look forward to meeting you soon, Sally

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On-Line - How to Increase Your Personal Branding

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