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Planning your Success in 2019
Welcome to our Dinner and Discussion on Planning your Success in 2019! 6pm for a 6.30 Start Yes the best thing you can do between now and the end of the year is put some plans in place!!!! Its the only way to Plan you success and profits in ADVANCE for 2019. ****Planning Your Profits In Advance It is my honest belief that all businesses, and all individual business ventures can be successful. What separates success from failure, when you really come down to brass tacks, is planning. Think of it like this. You want to catch a duck for dinner, so the first thing you do is go and stand somewhere high, and open your mouth… right? Not quite. You’ve got the right vantage point, but you haven’t got a plan, so you’re going to end up standing up there, mouth open wide, looking like a fool for a long time before you catch that duck, if it happens at all. What you need is a more detailed plan! So, when I talk to people about planning, one of the biggest areas that I want to focus on are profits. I know what you’re thinking: I can’t plan my profits right? They’re a variable! Are they though? Not necessarily. *****The November/December Planning Window Most businesses think that January is the time to start planning for the year, but the year has already started by then, and we all know how timelines work. Things are busy as the business year ramps up again, and before you know it the months have flown by, you haven’t done a lick of planning and you’re essentially flying by the seat of your pants. What you should be doing instead is planning at the end of the year when things are slowing down for most businesses. Utilising the often slower months of November and December is a great option if you’ve always struggled to find time to plan. When you plan in November and December, you’re ready to go in the new year. When you don’t, you’re potentially missing out on opportunities offered by the first quarter, and that’s definitely not where you want to be. **How To Plan Like A Winner, join us for the discussion and find out the steps to your success.

La Scala Cafe Restaurant & Pizzeria

169 Unley Road, Adelaide, South Australia · Adelaide


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The Marketing Made Simple Group was known Adelaide Personal & Business Development Group until late May 2017. After several years the group focus changes and tense the name change.

We are a collaborative and supportive community group consisting of switched on, successful and passionate individuals, who want to share and contribute to their own Business Growth, whilst being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Sally the organiser, is a passionate marketing problem solver, with a flair for business development & a sales background. She share practical ways to grow your business profitability, though local area marketing strategies & fantastic networking.

Our community is composed of people from all walks of life, from entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals and parents.

We are here to share knowledge, connections, resources & collaborate with each other. We do this through regular networking events where we get to know each other & explore opportunities.

We have 3 Themes of Events

1. Discussions, Dinner & Networking which are run monthly with a topic of conversation.

2. Promo: Events & Workshops which are promoted when they are running in Adelaide & relevant to the group.

3. Business Show Case: Where we showcase members business to our community on a bi-monthly basis.

Our group is for everyone who wants to have fun and achieve the life they want, through simple means.

Join now, move forward, learn new skills and meet awesome people! See you at the next event!

Cheers Sally A Curtis

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