What we're about

This group is for all those families and individuals who are interested in participating in an 8-session program with 6 sessions on wellness and 2 sessions on vinyasa yoga and guided meditation. As a passionate health coach and proponent of yoga offering a package of six wellness sessions one hour each and 2 vinyasa yoga sessions one hour each for 8 weeks for $35.00.

The 6 wellness sessions will include

1. L.E.A.N Start wellness program: The L.E.A.N start program is a comprehensive 6-hour prevention plan delivered in 6 weeks to help families with children reach their optimal level in the four pillars of health

Lifestyle - How we live

Exercise - How we move

Attitude - How we think

Nutrition - How we eat

The program is based upon scientific research and designed by Dr.William Sears, "Americas Pediatrician" and best selling author as well as other experts in the field of children's nutrition, health, and fitness. The letters L.E.A.N stand for Lifestyle, Excercise, Attitude, and Nutrition. These four together make families healthier at any age and any stage of life.

Format of the sessions:

Each week will introduce the participants to one of the health topics on wellness opening with

1. welcome

2. Discuss highs and lows

3. Video presentation

4. Group discussion and activity

5. A snack and goal setting

The two yoga sessions will enable the participants to explore how yoga can be useful to de-stress the mind, body and the soul and help to center self.
Each session will be one-hour long offering

1. Vinyasa yoga flows

2. Guided meditation optionally using aromatherapy oils.

Please join the group if interested in exploring and adopting the wellness program for you and your family and participating in yoga sessions to experience Vinyasa yoga.

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