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This group is for any one who is on the spiritual path or seeking to join a spiritual path.People interested in self realization can join this meetup.We can discuss our experiences as well as perform group meditation.I met my Sadhguru(Spiritual master) in India in Jan 2017.With his guidance,teachings and blessings I am experiencing pure joy and bliss.I meditate every day and the experiences so far have been amazing.I would like to impart his teachings to those who have been seeking a higher purpose in their life.All seekers are welcome !

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Discuss our spiritual experiences and perform meditation

Landmark at Sutherland Park

Since January 2017,I have made 8 trips to India after that.I have a lot of new experiences to share and lot of new learnings from my spiritual master. If you are really looking to move ahead on the spiritual path, do meet.My meditation has improved a lot in the last 2 years. I am back from my recent trip to india,in December 2018 and look forward to share my learnings and experiences with you.

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