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Hello Yoga lovers,

In the moment, most of my classes are in French, if you are interested, please come to groupe meetup.com/YogaLyon5

However, if you would like to practice in English, don’t hesitate to contact me via messenger facebook.com/Aditi.Yoga.Lyon or SMS to or email me at: aditi.yoga.lyon@gmail.com.

Your progression in yoga will be my true happiness, so I will try to share my knowledge with you in all languages I could speak.


Are you expats or Lyonnaise who love Yoga & English?

Do you wish to build a strong foundation of Hatha Yoga to find Health and Inner Peace?

Wellcome to my Classical Hatha Yoga group, my Sankrit name is Aditi.

I create this group to teach full 12 principal yoga postures for beginners and intermediates who want to learn the root of yoga (5,000 years old) and wish to be able to do it by themselves at home later.

My methodology is Sivananda Yoga Vedanta ( https://sivananda.org/ )

Please come with a peace of minds, an open heart to fully receive the true benefits of yoga for minds and body. Everyone is welcome!

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