Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

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*Exact date is not set in stone but will be Sept 2021*

We’ll begin our 15 day journey in Kathmandu (4,600ft), Nepal’s bustling & colorful capital city, before taking a short flight to Lukla (9,383ft), high in the Himalayas, the gateway to the Solu Khumbu region and the starting point for our trek to Everest Base Camp (17,600 ft) about 38.6 miles.

For those interested in this trip, we will have a group meeting in August and go over the details for this trip, the company we'll use, gear, supplies, etc.

We are planning this trip now because this is not a cheap trip or an easy one. The more people we get to do this with us, the better :-)

As time goes on, I'll update the details of trip.