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Welcome to our meetup created for adults with Asperger's Syndrome. Our group was originally a part of The Austin Asperger's Support Group (which now focuses on parents and youngsters, as well as meetings for teens and young adults, see their Meetup page for details and contact info.). This group focuses on the mutual life journey of adult Aspies and has much experience in coping with the Neurotypicals.

Our group meets biweekly (alternate Saturdays, see calendar) and discusses topics that are important to them as adult Aspies. Our official meeting presentation and discussion typically lasts from 2 pm until 4 pm and there might be continued socializing on the patio afterward. Our meeting room at CafeExpress on North Lamar is cozy and fairly quiet and accommodates up to about 16 comfortably. Meetings with more than 10 members can be a little tight while eating, so many of us come around 1:30 to eat together. Please patronize our host, Cafe Express, that continues to let us use the room without a fee.

Members may suggest Meetup topics and outings without moderation

We welcome interested adult Aspie visitors (RSVP encouraged ). However, because our meeting room offers limited seating, we encourage pre-adult Aspies to look for life stage appropriate groups. You may attend and inquire of the congregation on what we know of. Our members are self-sufficient adults who generally see Asperger's as a mixed blessing that is a condition not requiring "fixing", accommodating but understanding. Our discovery of Aspergers in adulthood was generally welcome relief from a lifetime of self-doubt and isolation.

In order to continue with our success, we encourage our members to be active with suggestions, feedback, and concerns. Otherwise, we will not know what needs to be adjusted for you to enjoy the meetup.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to meeting you at one of our groups..

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