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PLEASE NOTE: This group is currently looking for a new Organizer; the family needs a new parent! The "mission statement" of this group could change under new or expanded leadership, but don't let this current administrative stuff stop you from joining. Fun group with great people....and it will continue to be in the future.


You are one click away from an evening you might not tell your friends about OR maybe bring along next time. We gather as open-minded and uninhibited fun adults for a SAFE AND RESPECTFUL no-holds-barred evening of games with an adult twist. From "strip" poker, 21 , Trivia games, or Mousetrap to a robust game of "truth or dare"; any game is fair game for game night. If you have a favorite game bring it along - we can always figure out a way to perv it up (or is that down)!!!!

This is NOT a sex club or a place to leer and drool. It IS an evening of fun with no judgments and a place to let go of your inhibitions; expect nude game results along with good natured consensual "sensuality" and "sexuality" - sometimes between same gender. As long as you are respectful of others and ready for fun you will be welcomed. "No, I'll pass on that" is always an OK response to game play. We want to have fun, not make you uncomfortable. As these evenings have progressed over more than 2 1/2 years, we most often start with any number of game choices for strip games. When you are still playing games and naked what's next? We have settled into a very spirited and fun version of "truth or dare" (1st person naked, 1st to play) for the remainder of game playing. When it comes to "dares" they can be silly, sensual, sometimes sexual, but ALWAYS consensual. Again, "NO" is always an acceptable response to these portions of game play.

I am hopeful for a balance of single, coupled, married, men and women as part of the entire group and at individual events. If you are part of a couple and both intend to attend most events, both of you should join individually and respond individually for events. For support purposes from Meetup, a "member" = 1 body. You can always bring the other half as a guest if you wish to do it that way. At events, gender balance is totally dependent on RSVPs. I do all I can to encourage our female members (all members actually!) to attend events, but ultimately it is out of my hands. We ask for a nominal contribution from members to help offset expenses (snacks, pop, H2O, ice, supplies) for regular home events: $5.00 for your first regular home based event and then $2.00 for each subsequent home based event you attend. This is payable at the event when you attend.

Lastly, if your Meetup Profile does NOT have a picture with your face clearly in it, I will ask for one. Click "join" and I will be in touch with a request for a face pic. Upon receipt I will approve your membership request. I just like to know who is showing up at my front door; not an unreasonable request! Your picture will not be shared with anyone.

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