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Single (or not) and want to meet or be around similar people and enjoy a coffee and afternoon out (zzzzzzzzzzz)
or a night OUT OUT ? No brainier!? We are a group who believe you should be free to meet and be around fun searching ( but maybe shy) (or not not remotely shy) people under no false pretences of wanting to have nothing but fun and be who you are. Excellent evenings (and all nighters) out and meet and chat or just ignore and own the dance floor knowing you are with a likewise (or maybe not so groovy ) bunch of people at the same venue to make you feel part of something. No end of opportunities to have fun or just feel secure taking from it what you and potential out out new friends wish. New to the area? Newly single ? Single parent? Always been too shy ? Meet and stay at a bar. Go to a club and get a kebab and share a taxi! Go to a festival. Go to an all nighter in stokes croft. What ever. There are like minded people like you bored sh1tless or feeling lonely who need a night out and feel free yet secure when they have the opportunity without it being over a eat all you like buffet or coffee (there is nothing wrong with either btw). #partycentral #allwellcome #nightoutout #lifeisnotarehersal #noexcusestobelonely

Please join. Please start to livelive. Bristol is an amazing city but sharing our experiences is much easier and more fun especially with who is today a stranger and tomorrow a friend or just familiar face. All that’s wanted in return is to please actively welcome new people and put yourself out there (say hi. Anyone fancy going to alien acid house disco tonight ) you get my drift.

Extra organisers always wanted xx

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