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This site is to bring together parents, adults and teens dealing with a diagnosis of Asperger's and high functioning Autism to create a regular social platform. These meetings can be used to network with like-minded people, share resources and strategies to deal with this challenging area of social behavior.

Find friends who will have more tolerance and understanding that the social area is a challenge for you. Share your stories with people who will understand. Parents can find comfort and inspiration with similar parents who get their situation.

Meetings will be regular every other Wednesday, and the theme can change to accommodate different goals as the groups sees fit. The needs are great, and though we can please everyone, please send in what you would like to see come from the group that will help you in you goal of bettering your social skills. Please email us below...

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We will be having our Mario Cart Tour game night since I had to cancel on you last time do to a family issue.

If you have not already, please install Mario Cart Tour on to your cell phone. You have to play the 3 introductory matches to play multiplayer. At the beginning of the Zoom meeting I will send you the game room invite to assemble you into the race.

Please be on time as once I start a race we only have a 10 minute window to get everyone set-up.

Please see Zoom Link below. We will use the Zoom 40 minute limit to get everyone invited in the game room. Password is "gamenight".

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