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Machine Learning is changing business in practically every industry: will it disrupt or enable yours?

From intelligent recommendation systems employed by Amazon and Netflix guessing your online preferences to self driving cars and trucks driving autonomously on our public roads to the monitoring of all your financial transactions by fraud detection algorithms, we are talking about the ability of machines learning to fulfill objectives based on data and reasoning. Your behavior while shopping online, watching a movie on Netflix, changing lanes on a highway in front of an autonomous vehicle or the sequence and locations from which you access your bank accounts are all sources of unstructured data containing raw information. Machine Learning and related techniques are one of the key approaches to find patterns in this abundance of data sources, patterns which can lead to their deeper understanding and can result in actionable insights enabling the generation of higher profits, new revenue streams or the reduction of losses and frauds.

Join our Meetup group discussions about Machine Learning for insights from speakers coming from key industries networking with like-minded participants.

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