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Parallel Computing in Mobile Platforms: Qualcomm MARE and Google RenderScript

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Joint Event with Heterogenous Computing Meetup Group ( organized by Manu Pillai


General Discussion:

6:15-6:50pm: What’s new and first-time attendee intros

Main Program:

7:00-7:40pm Power Programming for Mobile Computing (Dr. Calin Cascaval, Director of Engineering, Qualcomm Silicon Valley Research Center)

7:50-8:30pm: Mobile Parallel Computing with RenderScript (Jason Sams, Tech Lead for Renderscript; Tim Murray, RenderScript Software Engineer, Google)

Refreshments sponsored by AMAX.

Title: Power Programming for Mobile Computing

Personal computing is going mobile and applications are changing to adapt to take advantage of new opportunities offered by permanent availability and connectivity. Mobile devices are a significant departure from traditional computing. On one hand, they are very personal, always on, always connected. They promise to fulfill the promise of being the hub for our digital lives. On the other hand, they are much more constrained in terms of resources than desktops. Even though progress in their computing capabilities has been staggering, they continue to rely on battery power and are packaged in appealing packages that are a nightmare for thermal dissipation.

In this talk I will present the challenges facing programmers for mobile devices driven by architectural and packaging constraints, as well as the changes in applications domains. I will introduce Qualcomm MARE, our parallel programming model that enables the full exploitation of mobile SoCs in the context of applications, such as browsers, which have been difficult to parallelize using existing approaches.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Calin Cascaval is Director of Engineering at the Qualcomm Silicon Valley Research Center, where he is leading projects in the area of parallel software for mobile computing. Previously, he worked at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center, where he worked on systems software, programming models, and compilers for a number of large scale parallel systems projects, including Blue Gene and PERCS. He led the implementation of the first UPC compiler to scale to hundreds of thousands of processors, as well as research into parallel programming languages and parallel programming abstractions. He collaborates extensively with academia and has more than 50 peer-reviewed publications and 40 patent disclosures. Calin has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Title: Mobile Parallel Computing with RenderScript.

As compute-capable GPUs become more common in tablets and smartphones, the processing power available to mobile developers has never been higher. However, being able to develop robust mobile applications for these SOCs has its own unique set of challenges. We'll discuss these problems as well as RenderScript, Android's platform for computationally intensive tasks.

Speaker Bio:
Jason Sams is the original creator and technical lead for Renderscript. His speciality is getting the most performance possible out of the various hardware present in Android devices.

Tim Murray is a software engineer on the RenderScript team at Google. Prior to joining Google, he managed the CUDA driver team at NVIDIA.