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LOW LIGHT SERIES - People (off camera flash!)

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Preston P.


LOW LIGHT SERIES - People! (With off camera flash)

Grab your tripod and off camera flashes and meet us at Hidden Beach on Cedar Lake. We will have a model of two ready for you to play with as the last of the sun vanishes from the sky. This is your opportunity to dial in that off camera flash action and get the results you have always wanted. We will have a beautiful lake backdrop with just a bit of light remaining when we start.

COST: $5. (A cup of coffee...)

We will start at 6:30p.

What to bring:
-Fastest lenses you have

What we will learn:
-How to control off camera flash
-Practice in low light, without destroying your image with a flash.
-How to talk to your subject

NOTE: Consider this meetup ADVANCED. I would like you to own, borrow or rent an off camera flash (or more), and have the ability to trigger it as a prerequisite for attending. I will NOT have enough flashes for people to use.

This meetup is a part of our LOW LIGHT SERIES. Still to come: PEOPLE, STREETS, SKY SCRAPERS, MOTION BLUR and the last one will be chosen by popular vote.

2021 W 2st St. · Minneapolis, MN
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