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Photography 102 Series - Part 3: Camera Flashes

Photo of Preston Palmer
Hosted By
Preston P. and Nick K.


This is the third session in a series of three entitled Photography 102! In this session we will be learning about how to use your accessory off-camera flashes.


• How to zoom a flash and flash zoom settings
• What are sync speeds, what do they do?
• Flash modes
• Strobe mode
• How to light a model with a setting sun over Lake Calhoun.


• Tripod
• OFF camera flashes (wireless)
• portrait lenses

We will provide models for you to work with!

It's required to bring your own off-camera flashes; built in flashes will not do. Bring as many as you have.

Learn the limits of the camera you own and how they can make or break your photos.

Meet here:

Pros: This is the perfect opportunity to play with settings you'd be terrified to use while you're on the clock, being paid for an event!!

This is part two of a three-part series called Photography 102 led by Preston Palmer. Photographers who participate in all three classes in the series will be given a 20% discount on one ticket to any paid event listed on (


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Advancing Photographers Twin Cities (Minneapolis, St. Paul)
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