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Premium Art Series - Part 1: Colored Smoke

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Hosted By
Preston P. and Nick K.


For the first session of our Premium Art Series, we will be working with colored smoke! In this session we will go over the following:


• How to capture the smoke in stop motion photos
• Pushing your artistic boundaries
• Using backlight and fill flashes to get awesome dispersed light looks
• Create photos like the ones you see below!! <-- AWESOME SAUCE!


-Tripod (optional)
-Zoom and mid range lenses
-OFF camera flashes (if you have them)
-A creative mind and some ideas you want to try!

We will have a model available for you to work with.

Park here:

**NOTE! This a PREMIUM meetup. Cost is $20 due to models and the expensive powder, INCLUDED for you in the price! For those of you who made the Fire Painting meetup last year, I hope this one will be even better!

Learn the limits of the camera you own and how they can make or break your photos.

Pros: This is the perfect opportunity to play with settings you'd be terrified to use while you're on the clock, being paid for an event!!

This is part one of a three-part series called Art Series Premium led by Preston Palmer. Photographers who participate in all three classes in the series will be given a 20% discount on one ticket to any paid event listed on (

2021 W 2st St. · Minneapolis, MN
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