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PEOPLE Series - Part 1: The Portrait

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Preston P.


Now that you have learned about Focus and Bokeh in our first two Photo 102 classes. We will apply those two skills and learn the basics of taking a "portrait."

EACH ATTENDEE OF THIS CLASS WILL ALSO BE A SUBJECT! - Thats right! YOU, yes YOU. You will be getting your PORTRAIT taken by the other classmates. Wear something nice. This is a fantastic opportunity to get a new profile photo or headshot. This is an important aspect of this class as I want EACH and every one of you to also feel what it's like to be the SUBJECT, on the other side of the lens.


• The basics of posing a subject. What looks good, what doesn't, and why.
• How to choose a good background
• How to elicit a natural smile
• How to use the different focus modes, what they are, and why they work.
• Tips and tricks for better focus


• Camera
• Your favorite portrait lens - I recommend a mid-range to telephoto lens. 80mm to 200mm is ideal.
• Wear NICE clothes - Remember, you will be getting your portrait taken too!
• (no flashes. We will be working with natural light only)


• Coldwater Springs Park. There is a gravel parking lot that is free. Follow the gravel road BEYOND what appears to be the end of the road (cul-de-sac) and you will find the parking lot there.

This is part one of a three-part series called PEOPLE led by Preston Palmer. Photographers who participate in all three classes in the series will be given a 20% discount on one ticket to any paid event listed on (

5601 Minnehaha Park Dr S · Minneapolis, MN
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