Bitcoin Fundamentals



Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer money system that allows for people to send each other payments without using traditional middlemen like a bank. Michael will cover the fundamentals of Bitcoin and how it works. A few notable topics that will be covered in this talk are what is a blockchain, how to "break" a proof of work blockchain, how you can participate and be part of the Bitcoin ecosystem, and the current events going on in the space.

We will have opportunities for questions and answers and to dive into more advanced topics upon request.

About the Speaker

Guest speaker: Michael Tidwell

Michael Tidwell is a software engineer at Liaison Technologies. He has been studying the blockchain space for last 4 years. Has placed as a top finisher in multiple blockchain hackathons, is founder of The Atlanta Blockchain meetup group. Has given talks at several technology meetup groups about blockchain tech and has spoken at a couple conferences about blockchain technology.