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Are you a woman (50-70 +/-) with an adventurous spirit?

Meet locals with advenTOURess spirit, get acquainted with other women travelers & recently relocated females to learn how to make the most of the central coast of California.

All events in this Meetup have fees and active participation is encouraged. That said, make sure you RSVP if you won't be able to attend if you want to remain in the group.

For membership your personal image must be displayed in your profile photo and Adventouress questions need to be answered for admission.

If you are not admitted, or are on the waitlist, feel free to join other Adventouress events here => http://bit.ly/2XRdukG

Join the ARKlady (Diana L Guerrero) host of "Things to Do Monterey" and founder of AdvenTOURess for Coastal Coffees, Seaside Strolls and other explorations. Consider connecting with her page on Facebook here. (http://facebook.com/TheArkLady)

About @TheARKlady: Known as an animal whisperer, wildlife interpreter and friend to fish, Guerrero takes women travelers on transformative journeys designed to help them connect, understand and experience the healing power of nature and animals.

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ChocolaTOUR - Monterey




Wave Street & Wild Seal Pups

Wave Street Studios Cafe (Coffee + Tea)

Coastal Coffee

Lovers Point Beach Café


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