What we're about

A crossroads for all adventure lovers. From Biking on curvy roads to hiking the highest peaks to diving in the deepest ocean....... Description The page was started by Ralston Coelho. A HR professional by profession. An avid biker who has traveled from North to the South of India on his motorcycle. He rides two legenderay bikes - The Royal Enfield - 1997 standard and Yezdi - CLII - 1986. This webpage where those with 'like-minds' who value their freedom and seek it by indulging in something they love doing.... Ralston believes that we have many inhibitions-many fears and these fears keep us from exploring our inner selves. Through this Page and the activities that are planned he wants YOU to get over the petty inhibitions that are within you and begin through a different vantage point - a vantage point called Adventure Crossroads.