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Seven Sisters & Beachy Head - Seaford to Eastbourne cliff-top walk – 25 May

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Price: £5.00 /per person
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This is one of the finest and most beautiful cliff walks with some truly amazing views!

Check out the pics from our April walk:

Highlights of the walk:

Martello Tower in Seaford - the most westerly of a chain of 103 fortresses built to protect the South East coast of England against invasion in the early part of the Napoleonic Wars.

Seven Sisters - the name for the undulating cliffs thought to have been formed by glacier meltwater at the end of the last Ice Age.

Cuckmere Haven

Birling Gap

Belle Tout - a former lighthouse that first entered service in 1828, over 130 years after the need for one was first suggested. It had 30 oil lamps, requiring two gallons of oil per hour. A problem with the lighthouse’s location soon became apparent, however – when the weather was bad, the cliff-top tended to be shrouded in mist, so the light could not be seen. The cliff also blocked the view of the light from ships sailing too close to the shore.

As a result, a new lighthouse was built – the one that still stands at the base of Beachy Head to this day.

Beachy Head – the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, rising to 162 m (530ft) above the sea level.

Eastbourne pier and beach

Walk toughness is graded 8 out of 10

Walk length: 13.8 miles (22.3km) = 5-6 hrs of walking at a good pace, mainly up and down hills.

Safety Warning! the cliff edges are crumbly and prone to collapse, and any fall from the cliffs is likely to be fatal. The official advice is to keep 5 meters from any cliff edge!

What to Bring

Walking shoes

Clothes suitable for walking/hiking and some waterproofs

Sun cream, sunglasses and/or sun hat


Packed lunch, snacks

Money for the train ticket, refreshments and drinks


Sense of fun and adventure! : )

Food - please take sandwiches/picnic lunch with you.
It is difficult to predict the walking pace of the group, but if we have time we can make a quick refreshments stop at either Birling Gap tea room & pub or Beachy Head pub. Or we could sample fish & chips at the end of our walk at the famous Qualisea Fish Restaurant in Eastbourne.

We might even have some time to enjoy Eastbourne beach and seafront before catching the train back to London.

Meetup Date: Sunday 25th May 2014

Meetup Cost: £5 (required to RSVP + your travel costs + optional refreshments

By RSVPing, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to Adventure Go! Terms & conditions. ( You will be required to a read and sign a short Disclaimer form on the day.

Meetup time: 11.15am

Meetup place: outside Seaford (East Sussex) train station. Meetup end place: Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Travelling by train from London
From London to Seaford : we will meet at London Victoria train station at 9.25am in order to catch 9.47am train to Seaford (arriving to Seaford, via Lewes, at 11.22am).
The cheapest option is to book an advance single ticket - the are not on sale yet (2 Feb) but are likely to start at £5, so well worth buying in advance! Full price is £26.10 or if there are groups of 4 you can get 50% off with GroupSave4 tickets (so £13.05 each). However, most people will buy an advance ticket.

From Eastbourne to London
Again, the cheapest option is to buy an advance single ticket starting at £5 (not on sale yet) However, these are for a specified train only. We will aim to catch 6.58pm train back to London (arriving 8.27pm at Victoria), but please note this cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the pace of the group and many other factors! So you might wish to purchase a Super off-peak single ticket which offers more train options – the full price is £17.30 or £8.65 with GroupSave4.

Important – while we will try on the day to get people in groups of 4 to access the GroupSave4 tickets, this is not always possible and you might need to buy a full-priced ticket. Therefore we suggest you use the meetup message board to form groups of four ahead of the meetup day. Also, on previous walks, most people bought the cheap advance tickets, which are the best value.

Travelling by car
You can park at Seaford and catch the bus back there from Eastbourne. You can view the bus timetable here:

By RSVPing, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to Adventure Go! Terms & conditions. (