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This meetup is for sailing adventures on-board "Angelique"
Sailing adventurer's that are interested in ocean sailing should join this meetup for long trips such as the Pacific Cup, or shorter ones like a sail out around the Farallon Islands. Or even just a sail around the bay.

I will be running some fee based and some free trips, the fee's I charge go to pay a fraction of the costs of maintaining the boat. All the $ from fees goes either into maintenance (or for food and fuel when included) so that I can keep running these trips and share this fantastic boat and adventures with all of you.

Please join me for both types of trip, for comparison of costs, similar boats to mine charter in SF Bay for $300 per hour and the sister-ship to Angelique goes for $600/hr in Hawaii. What I charge by comparison is about the cost of a weekend day rental of a less than 40 foot boat from any of the bare boat fleet in the bay area. It should be obvious that I am not making any money at this.

Angelique is available for private charter as well so if you have a group of six friends that want to sail together lets plan a trip just for you. For charter rates contact me.

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