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Magical Forest & amazing "Vichy Springs" experience ! Last chance !
If you didn't know; our recent experience here was one of the best outings in the Universe !! WE WILL CARPOOL from various points.(see photos on the Backroads meetup) The Forest trails are only about a 2.5 mile exploratory trek, but there will be much to see , photo & explore in between the main trail loop. So it will take 2-3 hours to see & explore everything.This forest would be great for a 5th sequel to a King Kong movie. Very prehistoric, lush, creeks, etc. & wild , with trees that reach the clouds. (Forget Muir woods) There are no people here. *** On our April trip, one member was shedding a few tears & when asked why; she said it was just so beautiful. While 2 others said they had life altering experiences in this forest. After we depart from the forest we can meet for dinner in Ukiah. NOTE: Vichy Springs claims to be the only 30,000 ft. deep carbonated warm water springs in North America. It was used for it's therapy /carbonated waters to soothe the body & soul. Famous authors , artists and presidents have come here like Robert Louis Stevenson & Jack London,& Teddy Roosevelt. The water tastes like a sweet champagne /minus the alcohol. We will have inside & outside tubs to soak in. There are other soaking & jacuzzi like pools to relax in. There is also a large olympic pool ; plus a spa , salon & massage treatments available. **We will start the beautiful waterfall & creek hike & optional cave hike. this is a 2-3 mile R.T. (Including additional cave option) Last time we had to be careful as it was mating season for all the colorful Newts that were in the creek or on the trails. This is one short but cool trek. There are some really huge & old vines in the trees that can be climbed or to swing on. The falls are beautiful with a 30 ft. pool below. The pool is about 6- 7 ft. deep. When you arrive; you will think of a hidden paradise. After returning to the Resort; we will have our wine picnic under the trees in their beautiful grounds. After lunch we can take our turns in the pools & tubs. We can stay till 6 pm. but you may leave when you wish. ** What to bring: bathing suit & towels, good hiking shoes or tough hiking sandals, Xtra shoes & a jacket. Hiking gear as usual. A fanny pack or small backpack. The cost: $85. I'll have the usual snacks & other food & drinks & wine, hiking poles, etc. **Pay via P.Pal. (but must use friends & family option or an additional chrg. will be rendered to me.) Or pay by check or cash. Or use with my email & or phone: [masked] If by chk: send to T. Bold 2471 Solano ave. # 112 Napa, Ca 94558 NOTE: This is a long one day event as they do not allow groups on Sat after May 1st. We arrive in the parking lot & meet to the right of the steps & porch to the right of the office. meet time is 10:30 am. So get up early; it won't kill you. We will have the resort mostly to ourselves till 5 pm. We will plan to leave Vichy Springs by 4:00 pm. so we can get to the amazing forest. It is about a 25 min. drive from V.S. If any do not wish to go to the forest ;you may stay at the resort till about 5:30. After that you can return home or meet us in Ukiah for dinner. Or I have another nice place in Hopland on the way home. NOTE: Some may wish to leave later on Sat. afternoon or early evening & get a motel in Ukiah . And then meet us at V.S. on Sun. am. There are so many places to stay. And reasonable. Find a roommate, etc. I'll try & get people to connect, etc. EM: [masked] Me: (Indie Tom)[masked] When the meet time gets close; only text me as I may miss emails & VM's. I'll probably will be picking up at the Rowling Blvd. exit in Novato off hwy 101. In the North Park & Ride lot at about 9:00 am. It is the 1st exit after you pass the hwy 37 entrance. ** It takes exactly one hour to get to Vichy Springs from Santa Rosa. More info to follow. This will be another great experience to enjoy.

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