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From hiking to water sports (wakeboarding, windsurfing, sailing...) and even paragliding and other crazy stuff!

More than a group we are a COMMUNITY for Outdoor lovers and Adventurers. That's why we also organize many social activity to keep in touch or meet new cool people!

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""Let's Get the Hell Out Of Beijing!"" is organized by M2adventure, who brings you the best activities around Beijing/China. We are all about having fun and trying new things! Yep, you won't get bored ever again with us.

This is a Sister Group of "Get the Hell Out of Shanghai", http://www.meetup.com/adventure-Shanghai/ . M2adventure, which founded by 2 founders Mariane and Miller, have more than 10,000 members on Meetup platform, make it one of the biggest/most active international outdoor clubs/communities in Shanghai/East China region.






Upcoming events (5+)

【Apr 20-21】Hike and Camp on Wild Great Wall, once a life time!

Is hiking & camping 🏕 on the Wild Great Wall on your bucket list? Of course, it is! April is one of the best seasons perfect to see the whole mountain dressed by all kind of colorful leaves, Yellow, Brown and Red. You will be absolutely amazed by the combination of those colors with magnificent great wall. So, what do you say...? Are you ready? M2adventure brings you to the "Wild" part of the Great Wall, which is the most challenging and authentic part. Almost untouched for more than 800 of years, with a great view! TRIP HIGHLIGHTS ⛰ Explore & hike on the really Wild part of Great Wall ⛺️ Camp a night on the mystic Great Wall Saturday 07:45 Meetup at Beijing South Railway Station. We will stay 20min at the train station to grab a quick breakfast (Mc Donalds/Starbucks) and then jump in our bus to get to the Wild Great Wall. The drive will be about 3/4 hours depending on traffic. 12:30 We will have lunch at the guesthouse. Before leaving you have the possibility to leave things (tent,…) for porters to carry (*extra cost) 13:30 Time to start our Adventure on the Wild part of the Great Wall. Get ready for some magnificent views and taking a lot of pictures & videos! First We will walk up for about 45min to reach the Great Wall. Then we will be following the Great Wall up and downs for about 4 hours to reach our cool camping spot! Some parts are pretty steep and you will most likely use your hands a lot ;) 17:00 By that time, we will arrive at the camping site, gather wood, start the campfire and have a warm cooked meal delivered by porters! Camping ppl: Choose your favorite spot to set up your tent & get ready to spend an unusual & unforgettable night! Guesthouse ppl: After dinner, the guide will accompany you to the guesthouse (hike another 30 minutes) where you will spend the night. Sunday 07:00 Guesthouse ppl: After breakfast, you will hike 30mins with the guide to join the rest of the team. Camping ppl: Time to get up ^^ Have breakfast (bring your own), pack your tent and get ready for more Adventure. Today, we will keep exploring the Wild Great Wall, walking up and down the wall again. The goal is to reach the highest watchtower in this region before 12pm! In the end, we will walk down for 45 min to leave the wall and head back to the guesthouse. 12:30 Reach the guesthouse for lunch and head back to Beijing. We should arrive in Beijing city center around 5pm. It’s the end of an amazing weekend you’ll probably remember for the rest of your life! OTHER INFO 1100 RMB Prepayment: - 300 RMB + train tickets fee (if any) - Accepted payment methods: Alipay, Wechat, Bank transfer or Cash (Jiaotong University area) Balance: - Pay the remaining balance during the trip - Accepted payment methods: Alipay, Wechat, Bank transfer or Cash *Included in the price: - Private Transportation fee & driver’s allowance: between Beijing and the Great Wall - Organizing and guides fees & allowance for 2 days - M2adventure Team Leader(s) - Entry fees to the Wild Great Wall area - Additional local pass fee to some climbing areas - Saturday lunch & dinner (incl vegetarian-friendly dishes) - Sunday lunch (incl vegetarian-friendly dishes) - Porters' fees, NOT for personal items & gear This is for the porters who will carry water, food, beer & some equipment to the campsite and garbage out of the campsite after our meals in the morning. If you want the porters to carry your other personal items such as camping gear, you need to pay an additional fee. - 2 local beers per person on camping night - 4 bottles of 500ml water on camping night - Bonfire on the watchtower and bonfire fees - Professional outdoor insurance and first aid kit

【May 1-3】Via Ferrata Challenge and hike Fairy Mt

Meeting and drop-off Point: M2 Team Leaders will be welcoming you at Zhongshan Park Metro Station Exit 8 of Line 2 * Crossroad Kaixuan Road and Changning Road 凯旋路长宁路. Day 1 18:45 Gather at meeting point Zhongshan Park & leave Shanghai. 19:00 It's time for us to hit the road and leave Shanghai!! 24:00 Arrive guesthouse around midnight and quickly go to sleep. Day 2 08:00 Time to get up and have some local breakfast~ 08:30 We can leave our luggage in the guesthouse, just carry a light backpack to explore today's Via Ferrata, we drive about 30mins to reach to the entrance of Fairy Mt. 09:30 Start our adventure with the Via Ferrata (about 1.5 hours). At the beginning, it might look a bit scary, but once you'll be there, you will love it The view from the top is just awesome. 11:00 After the Via Ferrata, we will hike in the Fairy Mt (about 4 hours). The hike is easy, mostly stairs. 16:00 We will then drive back to the guesthouse, shower or free time . 18:00 Dinner is ready, lots of delicious food (incl vegetarian options) 19:00 Bonfire party and chitchat Day 3 08:30 Time to get up and ready for breakfast 09:30 We start hiking to the hidden village (with our backpack on!) mostly uphill following nice trail, about 2-2.5 hours hike 12:00 Arrive at the hidden village and enjoy the amazing view 12:30 Having a quick break after we will have lunch together, nice food cooked by locals (vegan-friendly) 14:00 Rest for a bit and go for another light Hike around the village for about 2 hours (optional)! OR you can stay in the village to chill OR do a slighter longer hike to reach to the top of a peak 18:00 After the whole day hike, you'll probably be hungry again... Good, because dinner is ready and waiting for us! Lots of delicious food (incl vegetarian options) 19:30 Campfire is getting ready, the music is on, let's get the Party started. Day 4 9:30 Get up and have breakfast 10:00 Pack our belongings and hike to the next village. The hike is about 3 hours, mostly downhill. If the weather permits, we might see the cloud-sea view! 13:00 Drive for 30min and reach to the restaurant for lunch (incl vegetarian options). After the meal, we will head back to Shanghai :( 19:30 Estimate time of arrival in Shanghai. OTHER INFO 1199 RMB Prepayment: - 300 RMB - Accepted payment methods: Alipay, Wechat, Bank transfer or Cash (Jiaotong University area) Balance: - Pay the remaining balance 1 week before the trip. - Accepted payment methods: Alipay, Wechat, Bank transfer or Cash *Included in the price: - Transportation fees and driver’s allowance - Organizing and local guides fee + allowance - M2adventure Team Leaders - Via Ferrata Fee and safety equipment renting fee - Fairy Mt entry fee - Meals: Day 2 Breakfast and Dinner (incl vegetarian dishes) - Meals: Day 3 Breakfast Lunch and Dinner (incl vegetarian dishes) - Meals: Day 4 Breakfast and Lunch (incl vegetarian dishes) - Professional outdoor insurance and first aid kit - Bonfire fee - Other costs for public equipment (raincoat etc) *Not Included: - Drinks and meals not mentioned Day 2 lunch: Might need to bring your own, can buy some snacks on site Drinks (water, beer, soda) can be bought at the guesthouses only - Accommodation Local guesthouse, 60rmb/person/night (so 180rmb for 3 nights) Day 1 and 2: Standard bedroom for 2 people Day 3: Dormitory bed, 2-6plp per room, shared bathroom out of the bedroom.

⛰TIBET: Lhasa + Everest Basecamp - 8 Days trip

tibet everest base camp

If you've ever dreamt of going to Tibet Everest Base Camp this is for you!! 🔸🔸🔸 Add us on Wechat:[masked] 🔸🔸🔸 This itinerary is perfect if you want to discover Tibet and experience Everest Base Camp! You will visit all of Lhasa major sites (Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor street, Drepung and Sera monastery) and see stunning natural scenery such as the sacred lake Yamdrok tso and Karo glacier. And last but not least, you will spend one night at the Everest Base Camp! From there, you will have the best view on the Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world! ❎Don’t worry, we take care of all the paperwork for the Tibet permit! ❎ 🔸ITINERARY OVERVIEW🔸 Meeting and drop off Point: Lhasa, Tibet. 📆 Day 1 - Arrive in Lhasa 📆 Day 2 - Visit Lhasa Potala Palace Jokhang temple Barkhor street 📆 Day 3 - Visit Lhasa Drepung & Sera monastery 📆 Day 4 - Lhasa to Shigatse via Gyantse Korola Glacier on the roadside. Pelkor Monastery Shigatse 📆 Day 5 - Shigatse to Everest Base Camp Everest Base Camp 📆 Day 6 - EBC (5200m) to Shigatse Mt. Everest sunrise 📆 Day 7 - Shigatse to Lhasa 📆 Day 8 - Depart from Lhasa 🔸Price & Departure Dates 🔸 6400 RMB May: contact us for additional dates 🔸🔸🔸HOW TO SIGN UP 🔸🔸🔸 - RSVP on Meetup - Add us on Wechat:[masked]

【May 1-4】Inner Mongolia: Hike in the Desert, Sleep in Yurt

Use your footsteps to measure the Tengger Desert. Listen to the sound of the wind 🌬 the flow of the sand 🏜 appreciates the beauty of life 🌵in the Oasis It's gonna be a unique Adventure! 😝 TRIP HIGHLIGHTS ⛺️Sleep in a Yurt 🌵Desert lake & Oasis 🏜Desert 🔥 Bonfire Party with a Sky full of Stars 🍖The Food ⛰ Hiking ITINERARY Meeting Point: Yinchuan Hotel Drop-off Point: Yinchuan Airport (the dropping-off destination might be slightly adjusted) Day 1 Arrive and check-in Yinchuan Hotel. If you arrive early, you can visit the Western Xia Imperial Tombs and China West Film Studio, or check many nice Mosques in the city (optional). 19:30 Gather and have a group dinner in a nice local restaurant (optional). Day 2 07:30 Time to wake up and have breakfast 08:30 We will depart from the hotel to Alashan Zuoqi. 11:00 Arrive~ Let's have a picnic lunch (bring-your-own) before the hike! 12:00 Start the desert hiking! Today's hike will be approximately 16km, be prepared for some stunning view! Today we will be hiking on either flat or low sandhills (3-5m) at a relaxed pace! 17:30 By then, we will arrive at Swan Lake Camp and set up our tent before dinner, just in time to catch the sunset. 18:00 Let's enjoy the best local food! We will be eating the famous & delicious lamb meat mixed with veggies. 19:00 Get ready, it's now time for the biggest Desert Bonfire Party! Woot Woot! And late at night, with the fire going off, you will see a sky full of stars. Day 3 You can wake up earlier to catch the sunrise, if not, feel free to sleep-in 07:00 Breakfast time. 07:30 Ready for today's hike? We will be visiting Suhai Lake, Wulan Lake, Sun Lake and Oasis on the way. So impressive! And I haven't even mentioned how amazing the sand dunes look like. Today we will be hiking around 26kms, 5km on the grassland of the lakes. And with going deep in the desert, today's sandhill will be taller, around 3-7 meters. 12:00 We will have a picnic lunch (bring-your-own) at Suhai Lake and then continue hiking. 17:30 ETA to our base camp for tonight - the Sun Lake Camp. Tonight we will have the chance to spend the night in a Mongolian Yurt! Such a memorable experience. 18:00 It's dinner time! 19:00 Time to relax and chitchat around the bonfire, or hide in our warm Yurt beds! Day 4 You can wake up earlier to catch the sunrise, if not, feel free to sleep-in 07:00 It's breakfast time. 07:30 Ready for today's hike? This will be our last hike, overlooking the Moon Lake. Today is gonna be an exciting day for us, one of the highlights is climbing a couple of high sandhills of 20-40m, and using the slide to do down (just like snowboarding). And you can see great view and bird-eye desert view on the top. Truly Amazing!!! 12:00 Lunch time! We will be having a picnic lunch (bring-your-own) & continue our hike. 15:00 Arrive at Moon Lake reception station, the ending point of our hike. It's time to drive back to Yinchuan. 17:00 Arriving at Yinchuan City. Time to drive to the airport and go home with good memories~ OTHER INFO 2999 RMB Prepayment: - 500 RMB Balance: - Pay the remaining balance 10days before the trip *Included in the price: - On-site Transportation fees & Driver's allowance - Professional local guide & organizing fees - M2adventure Team Leader(s) - Professional outdoor insurance, - Entrance tickets to the lakes and oasis - Access to the campsite - Local supporting Jeep drive team - Public equipment, walkie talkies, cooking gears, first aid kit... - Accommodation: Thursday: Local 4 stars hotel, shared 2 ppl per room Friday: Camping, 2ppl per tent (by default, includes tent, mats & sleeping bags) Saturday: Local Yurt (10-12 ppl per yurt) - Meals: Friday: Breakfast and Dinner Saturday: Breakfast and Dinner Sunday: Breakfast - Camp cleaning fee - Friday night bonfire fee, 2 local beers per person on that night - Sunday Sand Slide expenses

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