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Wednesday After Work Beach Volleyball 5 PM - 10 PM

This Meetup is past

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Charles brings 4 balls and 2 court boundary lines.

Total beginners to advanced players are welcome to join us for a fun competitive workout. Your welcome to bring friends - just mark them down as guests.


The 2 hour lot is next to Appian Way but entrance is 100 Seaside Terrace.

One side of the two hour lot is visible right next to Pier volleyball courts. Parking is $1.00 per hour for two hours. But nothing stops you from walking about 150 feet to pay for 2 more hours. I've never seen them chalk a rear tire to know you didn't move your car.

Take the 4th & 5th offramp from the Santa Monica Freeway # 10.
Stay left for the 4th street offramp.
I take the center lane to turn Left on 4th.
Right on Pico and keep going till Pico ends and turn Right on Appian Way.
Left at Seaside Terrace stop sign but the lot is visible now.

Same directions as above except don't turn at Seaside Terrance - go straight.
Left past the bridge over for cars & pedestrians.
I believe all day parking is $6.00 weekdays Winter Rate.
All day parking may save getting a $50.00 ticket.

I hang my blue pack and volleyball bag at the side of the court net you can look for. Cell is 310 938 7332 if you have trouble finding us.

Suggest wearing t-shirt & shorts or swim clothes to not overheat playing even in cold winter months. But bring sweat top/bottom or medium weight coat to stay warm if wind blows to not be cold. Wind sometimes speeds up after 11 AM to 1 PM can be cold.

I recommend bringing a bag/pack with more clothing layers if it cools down or gets cold. My pack includes: something to drink, suntan lotion, sunglasses, hat, ball pump, etc. The bag is always ready to go to not hunt around home for things sometimes needed to be able to grab and go without thinking or remembering anything extra. I have Bags for badminton, tennis and sailing are ready to go also.

Most days Malibu to Palos Verdes are visible. Is your gym free with such a spectacular view?

It only takes about 10 minutes to warm up on most Winter cold mornings-so a beach workout year round is possible.


If I cannot host a meetup it will be nice to have one or two hosts that can bring boundaries and balls. Any volunteers? This should be a rare event.