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Bonkers in Baja! 4 more spots!!

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Bonkers in Baja!

Hide your kids, Hide your wives.. cause it’s Baja Trek time!!... and my birthday! What better way to celebrate then with 3 of my closest friends, 5 ppl who tolerate me, and 20 strangers!!!

Cost: Discount!! $205 USD (thats INCLUDING Food Fund)

and there is a meteor shower that weekend!!

Carpool link!

Jump on Gus the Baja Beach Bus for this three-day winding ride down through Baja's scenic hills and beautiful coasts to one of our favorite surf, beach and sun spots on the Pacific Coast! Bring a surfboard if you've got one, or else just your sunglasses and a beer cozy, because we're going down South where the hubub dies away and you can spot the Milky Way.

Beach Break Itinerary

Day 1

We'll meet up at the border and Bonfireyou'll get to know your new best friend: Gus the Big Red Baja Beach Bus. Pile in with your bags and your new trip companions and settle into Gus's comfy seats for the ride South. We'll stop in Ensenada to see the sights and grab a drink or two at one of the many famous cantinas to choose from. Before climbing back in the bus, we'll fill up on the best local fish tacos. Next, a lazy afternoon drive through the hills will find us on beach-front cliffs in time to witness a gorgeous Baja sunset. Choose your bed either in the hostel or on Gus the Bus, or select the perfect site to pitch your tent, and drift off to the peaceful sound of ocean waves.

Day 2

A delicious waffle or egg breakfast will energize you to spend the day however you choose. You could get an inexpensive massage or cheap surfing lessons from the local experts or surf the waves on your own if you're already a pro. Otherwise, you can motor around on a beach cruiser, take a kayak out for a paddle, snorkel around the local reefs, or grab a fishing pole and tackle and see what you can catch! If all that sounds like too much work, you can just kick back in our beach chairs and swap stories with your fellow Gusketeers. At low tide, we'll pick dinner: mussels fresh off the rocks!When evening falls, we'll build up a bonfire and have a proper cookout. Tales of brazen adventure are welcome! After some beers or margaritas and a whole lot of stargazing, we'll crash in our beds with the sting of salt on our skin.

Beaches of Coyote Cals

Day 3

Once everyone's awake, we'll make one last tasty breakfast before sliding back up the coast towards Ensenada and the border. Never fear, we'll make a few last taco and cantina stops before we get there! Finally, we'll exchange hugs and email addies before splitting up for good. ¡Hasta la proxima, compañeros!

So pack your bathing suit, sunblock, a tent, sleeping bag, and some money to buy stuff that looks like a good idea at the moment, ride horses, get your hair braided on the beach, and fill coolers on the bus with all the booze you can get.. and keep,, down!

We are getting a discount due to the awesomeness of the occasion,, and one I showed Gus my maracas.
- 3 Days

(1 Night Hostel Stay, 1 night Camping, Transport to and from border! & 70% of Meals Included)

You can leave a $75 deposit directly on the web sight. (link below) The rest can be paid day of.


Are you in??? click this link, fill out this "Book It" request form ( to be sure there is space.

This only takes a few minutes and you'll be directed to Paypal to pay your deposit and confirm your space and dates. Feel free to drop us a line or email ( if you have any questions. Trek deposits are non-refundable. 3. Once Paypal deposit has been confirmed we will send an email to you welcoming you on board for the Trek.

You can also pay your Trek Fee in full and we can send you an invoice for the total if you like. Just let us know. The Trek Deposit is $75.00 USD for all Treks
The balance of your Trek Fee is due on or prior to your date of departure. 4. Pay your Trek Deposit and get a receipt.

Once your Trek Deposit is made in advance you will receive a receipt by e-mail that confirms you're on the trek and gives you specific instructions for meeting up with the crew on the day of departure, as well as a suggested packing list. 5. Chat with others on the Trekker Chat board ( or connect with us on Facebook ( and get ready to enjoy the ride!