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Let’s go see the biggest animal in the planet! We’re going on a three hour cruise out of Long Beach to see the Southern California Blue Whale.

I just learned that although winter is the best time to see gray whale during their migration, there are other whales off the coast of Long Beach year round, and right now happens to be a great time to see the magnificent blue whales.

And while we’re out there, we’ll probably get to also see finback whales (the second biggest animal in the world)

and minke whales

we’ll probably also get to see dolphins, sea lions and other marine life


But the star of the show will be the blue whale. The blue whale are not only the biggest animal in the world today, it is actually the biggest animal that has ever existed on Earth! Here are some facts about the blue whale:

The blue whale is truly an incredible sight. Whale Watching Long Beach visitors will have the opportunity to witness the largest animal that has ever existed on Earth. Large Blue Whales are the size of a Boeing Jet, weighing up to 150 tons. Larger whales can go up to 100 feet long. Fifty humans can stand on a Blue Whale's tongue and its heart is the size of a car. It's throat can take in up to 50 tons of water in one gulp and it's spout shoots water up over 30 feet when surfacing for air. This amazing water spectacle is actually a part of the Blue Whale’s breathing process. That is, when the whale comes up for air, it will take in about four or five breaths; unleash the water spout through its two blowholes; then finally dive back into the water with a graceful raise of its tail.

A blue whale breaching!Not saying that this will happen, but it would be pretty amazing if it did!

By the way, here is some info on the ship we will be on: Our newest ship, the Christopher, was designed specifically for Whale Watching. Passengers enjoy maximum viewing pleasure and comfort. There is no vessel similar to him in California. He is an extremely fast and exceptionally stable cat-hull vessel that can cruise to sightseeing locations smoothly and safely. The stadium seating on its bow provides an amazing view. Family and friends will have the greatest experience sightseeing on the Christopher.

As usual we are getting a discount: regular price is 50.00, but we are going for 40.00.

As always, need your payment right away when you RSVP. It is really hard to keep track of who paid and who didn't, so if you RSVP and don't send me the payment I will remove your RSVP so you go back and RSVP again and pay. And if I remove you and someone else takes your spot before you go back and RSVP again, there is nothing I can do. That has happened before, so please make sure to pay immediately when you RSVP. If you would like to come but need A LITTLE time to pay, please let me know, but you do have to pay soon because I have to send them the payment.


We’ll meet at Long Beach at 8:30 and set sail at 9:00. We’ll be at sea for 3 hours. There is a snack bar is aboard where buy chips, popcorn, candy, hot dogs, snacks, water, soda and beer.

All right, let’s see some blue whales. I’ll see you guys there.


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