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3 Day Camping with 2 Day Whitewater Rafting and All Meals Included!

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**Limited Availability: If you are able to submit your payment, you will be booked, confirmed and added on to our attendee list. Once PayPal link shows "sold out", last minute add-ups window will be closed**

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Worked out another awesome deal! YES! I am so exited to announce this event! Better river flow, higher water levels, epic memories!

"Whitewater Adventures get my No. 1 recommendation for outdoor entertainment this year." - Daily Democrat

After an orientation, you are off for a fun-filled day of adventure. On this day you will notice various birds of prey and host of wildlife that make their home in and around the river banks. The majestic canyon walls towering above you are actually million year old tilted seabeds carved by molten lava from the Mt. Konocti eruption during prehistoric times. You will venture through rapids such as Widow Maker, Mario Andretti, The Infamous "Mother" and many other thrilling rapids. Lunch is served as a riverside picnic. At day’s end you are rejoined with the group at our prestigious Irby campsite, deep in the canyon, and on the river. Here you can take a nature hike, explore the abundant wildlife, play horseshoes, basketball, volleyball, shoot some pool, swim or just kick it around the campfire sharing your day’s adventures with fellow rafters. Dinner is a first-class feast served in a tiki-torch setting. Canyon evenings at our riverside camp are enchanting and starlit with nothing but the whisper of water to lull you to sleep right after our famous disco dance party on the river which ends at 10:30 PM.
You awaken on the second day to crisp morning air and a scrumptious hot breakfast. You will then embark upon the river thus beginning your second day of rafting excitement. Lunch will be served on the river.
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Transportation to Rumsey, CA is NOT included on this trips. We have created carpool sheets to make it more convenient for everyone to assist and share gas related expenses, but getting to the location is your own responsibility. This is not a car camping site, we will arrive at the location (which is the main parking area), leave our cars, and take the company Shuttle to the camp ground.
**Shuttle service will be running continuously from the location (Rumsey, CA) to the campsite on:
Friday from 4:15p until 10:15pm
Saturday 8:15am ONLY
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DINNER: You have a choice of mesquite grilled NY steak, a breast of chicken, or a garden burger, with giant 1 lb Idaho baked potato, sweet corn on the cob, pasta, artichoke hearts, fresh sourdough bread, shrimp and spinach dip, guacamole and chips, also a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese and tons of appetizers all served under the stars.
LUNCHES: A Riverside Picnic: Turkey or ham, jack and cheddar cheese, fresh sourdough bread and chips.
BREAKFAST: Our breakfast is a three-course masterpiece with fresh ranch scrambled eggs, ham, country potatoes, flour tortillas and salsa. Also, granola, fresh strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, apples, rolls and pastries with juice, coffee, hot cocoa, tea, apple cider and milk.
We are the oldest most popular originally owned outfitter on the Cache Creek and one of the oldest and most reputable white water rafting companies in California with over 30 years of river running experience. We are the first company on the Upper Cache Creek to use top of the line self-bailing rafts. We'll ensure you one of the most unique and memorable whitewater vacations.
All Meals Included!
This is not the typical camping, you won't need to bring anything but your tent, clothes, shoes, sleeping bag, bathing suite, sun screen, and whatever else you might miss from home BOYB etc... Everything else, will be provided there.
There is a more detailed list of What to Bring ( here!
Please, only if you can, plan on either taking that Friday off, or leaving town early. Shuttle services will wait out there for us until 10pm the latest. I am requesting that day off as I am typing this! LOL
Enjoy the peaceful serenity of our campsite the night before your rafting trip begins. Avoid the hassles of driving to us on Saturday morning and setting up your campsite after you get off the river.
Friday Night They will have:
Dinner Priority camping Shuttle service Funny ass comedy movie on the river
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