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In 2009, Explorer & Campaigner Belinda Kirk (http://belindakirk.com/) established Explorers Connect as a not-for-profit organisation with the mission to help people live more adventurously. Belinda is the leading campaigner for an #AdventureRevolution (https://www.explorersconnect.com/adventurerevolution)

Set up originally as a way for explorers and adventurers to recruit new teammates for expeditions, people quickly let Belinda know that they would like to go on adventures with her, and so she started setting up adventures herself. Nowadays, every adventure that we run has been carefully crafted to reflect Belinda's original vision, standards, and ethos.


1) We extend people's comfort zones

We run a variety of affordable adventures (https://www.explorersconnect.com/join-an-adventure) that are carefully curated and crafted to (safely) extend peoples' comfort zones, as we believe that is where the magic happens:

• People discover just what they are capable of, which has the power to transform lives and inspire others.

• People learn new skills that improve self sufficiency and increase their ability to appreciate the outdoors on their own

• People experience new locations and experiences that broaden their horizons, and make them more comfortable with uncertainty (e.g. cold weather / night experiences).

2) We are a strong and friendly community

We nurture a long-standing and inclusive community of outdoor enthusiasts (https://www.explorersconnect.com/members), where people quickly find new friends to do all the stuff they love with. We foster an environment wherein:

• You can be yourself: We actively celebrate individuality, and do not stand for 'cliqueyness' or coolness in any shape or form. Our hosts and partners actively ensure everyone is included in conversations who wants to be.

• Everyone is treated as adults and equals: It's a muck-in environment, where group decisions are actively encouraged. It's all about empowerment.

3) We are a thought-leader in adventure-for-wellbeing

We believe we spend too much time indoors, stifled by convenience and comfort, and it's killing us, impacting our auto-immune systems and causing numerous mental health problems. We actively raise awareness of, and conversation around, the positive impacts of adventure on mental, physical and emotional well being.

Alongside our adventures, we run a range of other initiatives to encourage people to live more adventurously:

• In 2016, we founded Wild Night Out (https://www.explorersconnect.com/wild-night-out) - Britain's National Night of Adventure - and now partner with the YHA, Ordnance Survey, and Ellis Brigham (amongst many others) to deliver it, in order to raise funds for the Youth Adventure Trust.

• We run a 'Join A Team (https://www.explorersconnect.com/join-a-team)' platform, for explorers and adventurers to find teammates to join them on expeditions around the world.

• We host regular Adventure Talks (https://www.explorersconnect.com/get-inspired) in Bristol and London, with a range of inspiring speakers, to ensure our community remains inspired during their city-bound workaday week.

• We also manage an Adventure Jobs Portal (http://www.adventureindustrypro.com/) where employers from across the globe advertise vacancies within the adventure industry.



At Explorers Connect we believe adventure is a necessity of the human spirit. The modern world has become too easy, too averse to challenge and too disconnected from nature. This is having a negative effect on our physical and mental health. What we need is an #AdventureRevolution


We have groups all around Britain so all our events fill up and will run. We don't use Meetup much so don't be put off if there are small numbers here we get an average of 20 people on each weekend (max 24).

If you've not come on an Explorers Connect event yet, they're very informal and friendly. We've got singles, couples and sets of friends coming along, as well as adventure professionals and complete beginners - what we all share is the desire for more adventure.

Our main website www.explorersconnect.com (http://www.explorersconnect.com/) has lots more information on us and the adventures we offer!

You can also get to know us and our community on our social channels:




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Remote First Aid Training Course


If you're looking to be more confident in the outdoors, would like to know what to do in an emergency or simply looking to revalidate your first aid qualification for NGB awards, this hands-on training course delivering a 16hr Certificate in Outdoor First Aid is perfect for you. Duration: 2 days Location: Bristol Price: from £149 OVERVIEW This practical, scenario based qualification is designed to meet the needs of those working away from immediate assistance (more than 30 mins) in the remote and rural regions of the UK. This course is recognised throughout the UK and is the course of choice for experienced practitioners who use the outdoors. It is suitable for workers in rural and remote settings and will maintain the license to practice for those with Outdoor National Governing Body Instructor awards. Topics include roles & responsibilities, dealing with collapse (with and without breathing), choking, bleeding, shock, torso and limb injuries, environmental effects, heat and cold injuries, using first aid kit, outdoor specific scenarios and outdoor incident management, answering queries such as when or how to remove boots, helmets and looking after a casualty for some hours. This qualification is designed to provide outdoor incident management skills. Typical delivery methods are predominantly practical, with elements occurring out of doors in outdoor clothing and on various terrains. The course is assessed by continual observation of candidate performance. The two-day (16 hour) course draws on the most recent peer-reviewed evidence for the initial treatment of injuries and illnesses in remote areas. As such, some protocols would not be appropriate in an urban setting. Course content is based on current guidelines published by: UK Resuscitation Council, American Heart Association, Wilderness Medical Society and currently accepted guidance and best-practice from advisory bodies and published evidence for the treatment of First Aid in a remote or wilderness context. Designed expressly for those who work or play off far from help, this course satisfies the criteria for First Aid training for all Outdoor NGB qualifications including MLT, British Canoeing, Canoe Wales, NCLA, and RYA. Find out more and book your space: www.explorersconnect.com/remote-first-aid-training

Adventure Writing Workshop


On this bespoke two-day course, international adventure writer, broadcaster and media expert Belinda Dixon will show you how to use words to capture and communicate your adventure stories... whether big, small or anywhere in between. Duration: 2 days Location: Bristol Price: From £184 Great adventures need great storytelling. Using words well helps convey the experience and helps people connect - with the writer, the cause, the activity, the place. These kinds of connections might prompt editors to commission your work, people to follow you, and brands to bring you on board. This hands-on workshop will see you distilling your adventures into sentences that sing, exploring adventure writing techniques and developing your craft - focusing on things like audience, emotive words, narrative structure, dialogue, jeopardy and more. It'll cover the techniques to harness your story and avoid editors' pet hates. It’ll consider what you want your words to do – whether you want brands to back you, to inspire people to join your tribe, or just evoke how utterly extraordinary your adventure is. Whether you're a newbie writer or creative professional, this course will help you find your style... and take the leap. For more information and to book your place: www.explorersconnect.com/adventure-writing-workshop

Expedition Leadership Course


Make a life-changing step and join other like-minded people to learn the hard and soft skills needed to lead expeditions and find out how to get a job in the adventure industry. Duration: 2 days Location: Bristol Price: from £199 OVERVIEW The training course is designed to be a launch pad - by the end you'll have gained vital new skills and also be more informed about the next steps to take to deliver your own expeditions from start to finish. We're expecting that you'll already have an interest in and be active in the outdoors (either professionally or personally) however as for every EC adventure no particular experience is necessary, just an open mind and appetite for learning! The course is particularly designed for: - People who want to lead their own expeditions or overseas fieldwork projects (professionally or personally) - Leaders who have worked in the outdoors (e.g. military or outdoor education) and want to move across into expedition work - People who have participated in an expedition as a team member and are interested in getting to the next stage - Anyone who wants to develop their expedition skills The course covers the following major areas: Expedition planning Expedition leadership Working in the expedition industry Connecting to sponsors and the media Meeting others in your position Find more information and book your space: www.explorersconnect.com/expedition-leadership-course

Mystery Overnight Adventures
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

We will be hosting a number of midweek mini-adventures around Bristol over the summer. These will start at 6pm in central Bristol and will consist of walking somewhere wild and camping overnight. We'll be back in central Bristol in time for work the next day! We will provide a camp meal and something else a little special (different each time). --------------------19th Feb Update ------------------------- Hello I just wanted to update you on camping and other local adventures this year. We have midweek and Friday camping arranged a couple of times a week during the spring and every week during the summer. They will vary from being FREE, £10 or £20 per night depending on where they are. After a really successful adventure season last year and in order to make it affordable for everyone and to help people arrange their own wild camps we're opening them to people who want to sign up to EC CLUB http://www.explorersconnectclub.co.uk It will be £32 per person for one year of adventure, after that all the trips will be low cost or free to all members. There's also all sorts of discounts on adventures in and around Bristol and exclusive info on secret adventure spots and activities. As well as camping we will arrange regular wild swimming, climbing, mountain boarding, hiking, SUPing, kayaking etc etc EG this is what is happening in EC Club this month.... • Midweek camping & campfires on 11th March at a quirky campsite in central Bristol so back in the office in time for work on Thursday morning. Followed by a wilderness camp in the city all to ourselves on Friday 27th March • For those that are used to cold water - some Cold water swimming in a lake and tidal pool in March • Bouldering tuition for beginners at BLOC Climbing Centre (at a huge discount for EC Club members) on 9th March and one other date tbc • EC Drinks and talk by Kate from Walking With The Wounded and her walk to the South Pole with Prince Harry (CLUB members get discounted entry) • Booking tickets to go together to Banff Film Festival on 17th April (with EC Club discount) with another group potentially going on 10th March If you'd like more info please call me on[masked] or look at http://www.explorersconnectclub.co.uk cheers Belinda

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