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Paul Hedderman: Travelling Lighter

His first ever visit to Victoria… Paul Hedderman’s philosophy blends the wisdom of nonduality with his experience in the recovery community since 1988. His experience led down many paths: addiction, alcoholism, recovery, course in miracles, zen budhism, Tao and ultimately, an end to all 'seeking' - and a core message that: “You are already that which you seek”. Paul calls on us to consider our deeply held notions about self and awareness under a fresh light, and points to a simpler and lighter way of being in the world. “Self is the Problem. The mind is obsessed with the idea of being a self. And it doesn’t recognize: That’s the dilemma. Do you want to be the thing that can be aware half the time, or do you want to be the awareness?" Paul H.

Come and find out why Paul has become so deeply appreciated for talks that are candid yet dynamic invitations to entertain the idea that we’re not the self we think we are.
Paul’s books “The Escape To Everywhere” and “Under A-Rest: Reflections on the 12 Steps” are available at or you can find him on Facebook or YouTube.

Church of Truth - Saturday March 31st 1:30-3:30 p.m. at 111 Superior St, Victoria
Krishnamurti Education Centre - Sunday April 1st 2:00-4:00 p.m. 538 Swanwick Road, Metchosin Suggested donation: $15 at the door

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