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Layers, Masks, and Modes are tools that can supercharge your work in Photoshop. They are the basic building blocks to unleashing your creativity and taking your photography to the next level. In this workshop you will learn to manage your Layers, how to use Masking to reveal or conceal elements in a layer, and how to use Modes to control the interaction between images on different layers. These are the tools you’ll use most often in creating a composite image, colorizing an image, and in making non-destructive edits to your images.

Layers were introduced in Photoshop 3.0 in Sept. 1994 and changed everything.

Now users could work on separate elements of an image to make local changes without affecting anything else. It's like working with sheets of stacked acetate illustrators used in building a cartoon.

Masks can be added to layers to restrict the visibility of the content either completely or incrementally. With masks, you could completely hide a change made on a layer or reduce the visibility of the change, literally by percentages.

Modes define how one layer interacts with the layers below and can completely change the resulting image. Think about the days when you picked up two slides by mistake and you could see parts of each slide blended together, although usually a bit too dark. Now think about having 27 different options on how they could blend together. Mind boggling for sure!

Using these three tools together and understanding how they work is the first steps in getting complete control over your images. they also are the tools you'll use in making the image you want from the one the camera captured. Even more fundamental, they let you choose between capturing an image or creating one.

In this presentation we will review the Layer Palette in Photoshop to discover all of the tools that it contains. We'll break down layers, masks, and modes to understand how they work together to allow you to refine your image and even take the first steps beyond enhancements and into the realm of image manipulation including creating composite images.

Time permitting, we'll also delve into Smart Objects and the amazing surprises awaiting when the Stack Mode is changed on a group of layers converted to Smart Objects.

Our Presenter - Chuck Almarez:

- Degree from Brooks institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA
- Master's Degree in Digital Photography at the School of Visual Arts in
New York City.
- Owns and operates a commercial photography studio and gallery (Fire
and Light Gallery in Clinton Forge)
- Teaches photography courses at Dabney S. Lancaster Community
College in Clifton Forge and Blue Ridge Community College in Wyers
Cave, VA.

To see some of Chuck's photos, go to: