AIS DRT - Dominant's Round Table


At our October roundtable we are talking about Growth within Power Exchange Roles

Growing in your role as a D-Type. How do you further the development of your position in a power exchange relationship? What things hinder you or hold you back? What propels you forward and/or inspires you? How do you encourage the growth of your s-type?

As always, we're open to talking about what is pressing to us in the moment, as well!

Note: The AIS Dominant Round Table is a place for Dommes, Doms, Tops, Masters, Switches or anyone curious to learn and discuss issues close to our hearts in a safe and judgement free atmosphere. If you are a sub, slave, or bottom, we ask that you not attend this event, and instead suggest you attend the AIS submissive Round Table.

This is a wonderful opportunity to join in a circle of discussion about all things D! From topping skills, the philosophy of Dominance, to the completeness of TPE from the Master's POV; this is the place to step out of role, and ask, answer, and contribute to a round table discussion.

The rules are pretty simple:

-There is no one true way - each has their own way, and that is ok
-Respect the opinions of the others
-Don't be a dick
-Please give a donation for the space (all donations collected are for the operation of The Columbus Space)

~~~ All events at The Space are for those 19+ years old and older

~~~ All events at The Space are substance and alcohol free

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