AIS / CO-RG November Meeting


November's Rope Group Meeting Topic is - Suspending disbelief: Neuroscience informed absurdity in rope with Neuromancer28 and something2summer

Class Description: Many people say they use rope as an opportunity to break out of their everyday heads, to explore and engage with aspects of themselves and their partners they have not or might not otherwise bring out. This class will explore the use of absurdity, with rope, to push on the boundaries of reality, and to allow us to glimpse through cracks in our preconceived notions, walls, and binaries. We will bring neuroscience, narratives, costumes, facepaints, and train tracks for tying on…

About our presenters: Neuromancer28is a neuroscientist who's spent the past few years tirelessly measuring kinksters during all manner of depravity. For science (really). Countless orgasms, bruises, screams, and more orgasms later he's here to give back. And, um, measure some more. Neuromancer28 and his awesome demo partners have been leading demos and workshops for the past six years leaving a trail of electrodes and motor oil in their wake. Attendees say they've had fun.

Each CORG meeting also includes a breakout session for those who want to learn the basics of tying and being tied.

There is also pie. This month's flavor is...yummy. :)

$10 Cover at the Door

The Columbus Space welcomes everyone age 19 and up, but does not welcome substance abuse.

For more info about The Rope Group -

After the presentation there will time for beginners and advanced rope folks to get their questions answered and to try out whatever ties turn you on.