Past Meetup

Grayson Highlands and Surroundings June 22, 2013

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If you have an RSVP to the Annual Grayson Highlands Camping Trip event then come join your THOG Friends and let's hike a section of the Appalachian Trail between Beech Mountain Road (Va 601) to Massie Gap in the Grayson Highlands State Park!

This hike will include some of the best scenery in the Mount Rogers National Recreation /Grayson Highlands areas including Buzzard Rock, Whitetop Mountain, Elk Garden, Rhododendron Gap, Wilburn Ridge, and the wild ponies in the Grayson Highlands. If time permits, we will take the spur trail to the summit of Mt. Rogers.

Hiking Distance- The hiking distance is 13.3 miles to 14.8 miles with the hike to the summit of Mt. Rogers.

Elevation Change- This hike will be considered a strenuous hike as there is substantial elevation change with a low of 3600' @ Va 601 to as high as 5728' at the summit of Virginia's highest mountain being Mt. Rogers.

Eligibility- You are eligible for this hike if you have an RSVP for the Annual Grayson Highlands Camping Trip event and are in the physical condition for this strenuous hike. Please only RSVP if you meet this criteria!

What To Bring- Please bring a daypack, backpack, or waist pack with water, lunch and/or snacks. Also pack rain gear in the event of rain.

Group Size Limit- Since this hike crosses into the Lewis Fork Wilderness, it must be restricted to no more than 10 hikers.

Shuttle- This hike is a point to point hike and not a loop and will require the use of shuttle vehicles. Thanks in advance to those who will be willing to help with the 16 mile one way shuttle which will be necessary for this hike!,-81.640424&sspn=0.007034,0.013937&geocode=FXD6LgIdFEUk-w%3BFXQKLwIdMEQi-w&t=h&m... (,-81.640424&sspn=0.007034,0.013937&geocode=FXD6LgIdFEUk-w%3BFXQKLwIdMEQi-w&t=h&mra=ls&z=13)