(Overnight) Surf n Turf - EXTREME VERSION - Read event description

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We will paddle the Pigeon River, but this is the KAYAKING VERSION.

In order to participate on this event, you MUST have class III experience. If you are planning to paddle in a hard shell kayak, you should be able to roll.

If you are planning to raft, DO NOT SIGN UP for this trip! Sign up for the Surf n Turf RAFTING TRIP!

Capacity is extremely limited. In order to ensure that you are not in over your head, YOU MUST HAVE PARTICIPATED IN A THOG NANTAHALA trip. Yes, this means that only 50+/- THOG members are eligible for this trip.

Cost is estimated to be around $30 per person for the kayaking component!


Powerhouse Rapid class III (http://www.trihoc.com/Whitewater-Photos-Personal/Pigeon-River/Pigeon-River-06-27-09/8741188_zeerK#[masked]_Ao8su-A-LB)

BFR - Big "Friendly" Rock :) (http://meetup.smugmug.com/Whitewater-Photos-Personal/Pigeon-River/Pigeon-River-05312011/17655561_QHwwjX#[masked]_xfdHLP8-A-LB)

Lost Guide (http://meetup.smugmug.com/Whitewater-Photos-Personal/Pigeon-River/Pigeon-River-05312011/17655561_QHwwjX#[masked]_P3xWH5W-A-LB)

Accelerator (http://meetup.smugmug.com/Whitewater-Photos-Personal/Pigeon-River/Pigeon-River-05312011/17655561_QHwwjX#[masked]_zzZSWSS-A-LB)