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Traditional HR has failed us! How can HR adopt an agile mindset-Fabiola Eyholzer

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Fabiola Eyholzer

Adventures with Agile is very privileged to have Fabiola flying here from New York to talk about HR with us.

Fabiola is a Senior level executive with an outstanding career in management consulting, profound expertise in Human Resources, Enterprise Agility, Compensation & Performance Management, Operations & Processes, and Strategy.

She is CEO of Just Leading Solutions (JLS).

JLS is a global management consulting firm, head-quartered in New York City, that advises enterprises on how to build stronger, more responsive and innovative businesses through an organization-wide integration of lean | agile values, principles, and practices.

HR and the Agile / Lean adoption

As we adopt Agile and Lean in our organisations we find it affects every person and every team. Human Resources can sometimes be a huge bottleneck and impediment to organisational agility. Fabiola talks about how this might change.


Do you remember the frustration that comes from trying to make traditional HR instruments like performance reviews work for your Agile teams? Do you feel HR is undermining your best efforts at collaborative leadership and is holding you back? Do you find yourself in a constant dispute with HR over people processes?

It is inevitable: HR must embrace Lean | Agile values and principles in order to engage and energize Agile talents. It’s time to show HR how key people challenges like retention, talent development, and performance management can be addressed successfully with Lean | Agile.

This evening

Come along to..

• Ÿ gain valuable insights into the world of Human Resource Management

• Ÿ recognize the impact of Agile HR practices through stories and examples

• Ÿ discover why Agile needs HR and vice versa

• Ÿ identify compelling arguments and tactics to convince HR to go Agile

• discuss the topic with other practitioners

Learning outcomes

• Ÿ Get a better understanding of the futility of traditional HR instruments in an Agile setting.

• Ÿ Gain valuable insights into the world of Human Resource Management and how it affects our organizations.

• Ÿ Understand why it is important to win over HR to become an enterprise that is truly embracing Agile on a cultural level.

• Ÿ Appreciate what Agile People Ops is all about and hear stories/examples of Agile HR practices and their implications and impact.

• Ÿ Discover compelling arguments and tactics to make a lasting impression on HR and convince them to go Agile.

Interact with other participants to discuss their challenges and experiences with HR topics in an Agile setting.


Unsurprisingly, the use of traditional HR instruments (esp. performance management and employee evaluation) often brings frictions between Agile teams and HR. For Agile leaders this is mostly a nuisance and cause for aggravation. They try to come up with transition matrices and special-purpose solutions to satisfy the demands of corporate HR without alienating their Agile teams too much. This is usually an uncomfortable quick-fix that is neither satisfying nor valuable.

It is inevitable: HR must embrace Lean | Agile values and principles in order to engage and energize talent in an Agile setting. And in order to convince HR we have to talk to them in a language they understand and show them how their key challenges like retention, talent management etc. (as well as their claim as strategic business partner) can successfully be addressed with Lean | Agile.

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Future courses

Fabiola will be running a paid for training course ( in September for 2 days with Adventures with Agile. This is a great chance to speak to her and see if the course can benefit you.

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