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Agile Marketing with Gez Smith

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I am very excited to present another great Agile first for our group.

Scaling Agile and Organisational change means changes to the entire organization, including marketing.

Gez Smith is just about to publish his book on using Agile philosophy and Scrum methodology in the field of marketing and he has agreed to come and speak on the subject at our next meetup.

The book is called ‘Agile Marketing: The Incomplete Guide’ and is about how marketing is currently an industry largely predicated on up front planning, specification and design, which is all used to launch campaigns in a single big bang approach. This works for predictable, simple and well understood environments, which is largely what marketers have been dealing with so far (TV, press, out of home, etc), but the Internet has now come along and made everything more complex, uncertain and unpredictable. As a result, the old approach to marketing no longer works as well, and the answer, he believes, lies in the approach software developers have been using to cope with the complexities and uncertainties of the digital world; the Agile philosophy.

Come and hear Gez's approach and experience in this field.

You can read more about Gez from his website:

Note about location:

This event is in the same place as we usually have our meetups. Macmillan have changed their company name to Springer Nature.

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Our hosts

Springer Nature has very kindly allowed us to use their room for this event, so we have a nice big room with a very professional set up.

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For security reasons, we must have your full name so that you can gain access to the room. You will be asked to sign in and your name will be matched to the list. Please update your profile with your full name if you are attending this event.

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