ONLINE! Leading With Distinction In The 2020's™ with Onyi Anyado


Please note!! We're inspecting and adapting to the changing needs of our wonderful hosts and community which means this meetup will now be live-streamed via Zoom... Watch this space for all the details and how you can watch Onyi's fantastic talk, live from your home or office! We'll be starting at 6:30pm sharp so please make sure you join this link in good time ie. at least 5 mins before to access the live-broadcast >>>

We've entered the 2020's, the era of creative distinction and with the global market now local, many are wondering what the essence of leadership is and how they can become cutting edge leaders.

In this session, Onyi Anyado who is a multiple award-winning UK based global leadership speaker will share on the essence of cutting edge leadership and cover topics such as future thinking, his 3 C's of creative leadership and his 3 M's of time management. He will also share on how you can locate, leverage and lead with your distinction in your chosen field.

The practical demonstration of how you can locate, leverage and lead with your leadership distinction and how to live your legacy and leave, your legacy.

About Onyi Anyado
Onyi Anyado is a multiple award-winning UK based Global Leadership Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Author. From his message of Cutting Edge Distinction, Onyi delivers workshops, talks and coaching sessions around the world training and coaching leaders on how to locate, leverage and lead with their distinction.

18:30 - 20:00 - the session & q&a