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I am a dance enthusiasts but unfortunately couldn't attend any classes due to time constraints. Most of the gyms, dance studios have become very commercial and they don't provide enough time to practice. I am looking for people interested in starting a club for fitness with whom i am willing to start a free aerobic workout self sessions. The plan is to rent a place and use it exclusively for aerobics workout. I have the basic setup including a projector, music system and good aerobic material. Interested people would contact me or mail to me.

We might need to do lot of stuff later .. first we need to get a good place and then some equipment and then more based on the need. On the basic level we need a place for sure .... starting from that we might need lot of other things. We would be requesting initial fund from members, this is not the monthly fund we want to collect for maintaining the group, place and other things(monthly fund would be kept as low as possible). This includes one time amount we need to setup the place and other things. Of course it depends on the number of people interested but we need to manage based on what we got.

Few things we can plan with the fund collected

• Good place.

• Workout equipment

• Air conditioning

• Projector and music system setup

• swipe access entry

• club setup with membership access

• Include more activities than aerobics like chess, carroms, TT, music jam room, movie room ...

• Weekend special sessions

This group would not be limited to any place in hyderabad, but currently we are concentrating around hi-tech city, kondapur and gachibowli only. We will be expanding soon ... keep connected

NOTE :: This might become an exclusive members group, limited to few people. So please join soon and be active and get the great benefits.

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Same as what we are put up to do

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