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Supercharge Your Spirituality with Pranayama


Feeling exhausted? Imbalanced? Want greater spiritual development in 2013? Learn 6 simple potent yoga breathing exercises that will do just that!

Yoga breathing, or Pranayama, is an excellent way to develop your inner powers and sensitize yourself to the rising vibrations of the Mother Earth. This one-day course on the yoga breathing exercises taught in the book Contact Your Higher Self Through Yoga will give you the inspiration and tools you need to include/re-fortify Pranayama into your daily Spiritual practice, thus helping you to supercharge your Spirituality in this era of Great Change.

Course includes:

- Introduction to Prana and Pranayama

- Demonstration and instruction into 6 simple potent breathing exercises

- Group practice of these 6 exercises

- Course textbook, Contact Your Higher Self Through Yoga by Western Master of Yoga Dr. George King (who practiced these exercises many hours per day for ten years to help him attain the mystic state of Samadhi)

Kick off the New Year with more Prana in your life - more energy, more clarity, and more balance!

Cost: $30 ($25 for Friends/students, $20 for Members). Lunch provided for an extra $5, or bring your own light lunch.

RSVP necessary. Contact Oscar Leon at, or (323) 465-9652

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