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Spiritual Healing is not the gift of the few - it is something all of us can learn and develop. It is the birthright of every man, woman and child. It is the most natural of the healing arts , as well as being one of the most effective. Based on the principles of natural universal energy -- also known as ch'i, ki or prana flowing through the chakras, the King Technique of contact healing is a simple, easy-to-learn spiritual practice for developing psychic and intuitive abilities and more importantly, helping others. This highly enjoyable interactive workshop also includes a technique of absent healing and advice on how to enhance your innate Spiritual Healing powers. To give effective healing you need a balanced belief in your ability to do so and a genuine desire to help others. Given that essential foundation, all you need is the right technique.

The Aetherius Society

1300 Britannia Rd E Ste 202 · Mississauga, ON


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    The Aetherius Society is a non-profit spiritual and metaphysical organization founded in 1955, dedicated to world peace and global Service.

    Our purpose is to bring together like-minded people who wish to be of Service to humanity and the Mother Earth, and to learn more about the planetary changes that are now taking place upon our world.

    From yoga breathing to spiritual healing, from psychic development to UFOs – we have something for every spiritual seeker. Whether you are a total beginner – or have been practising spiritual techniques for decades – you will find our regular activities, talks, workshops and courses to be inspiring and uplifting.

    At our Toronto Centre in Mississauga, we hold regular Divine Services on Sundays at 11:00am, and Power Circles on Mondays & Thursdays at 8:30pm. Our prayers help to bring peace, harmony and healing to a suffering world, and we also send absent Healing to those who are sick. These events are open to everyone.

    Each summer we make a regular pilgrimage to Mount Adams, in New Hampshire, to send out spiritual energy to the world from this Holy Mountain.

    The Group is available to anyone who is seeking greater spiritual enlightenment by exploring the ancient yogic teachings combined with a New Age understanding.

    The Aetherius Society ~ Toronto Centre
    1300 Britannia Rd E - Suite 202
    Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1C8
    Tel: 905-624-2457

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