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Operation Prayer Power for World Healing
Come and experience Operation Prayer Power: a new Yoga for the New Age. We use Operation Prayer Power to bring about relief, support, upliftment and healing for suffering mankind throughout the world, in an extremely and uniquely potent and dynamic way, using the energy of prayer. Working as a team in Operation Prayer Power, we use ancient Tibetan mantra to invoke spiritual energy, and use truly beautiful prayers to channel this energy into a physical spiritual power battery. When a crisis situation develops anywhere in the world, the energy in the battery is concentrated, focussed and released to help bring about apparent miracles where they are most needed. Usual recipients of this energy are people affected by natural disasters, people who work for understanding and peace in the midst of conflict and war, and those selfless workers who bring much-needed aid, relief and healing to those affected. This is an active, practical, uplifting event. Be prepared to experience something completely new and full of hope. To arrange a first visit, at which you will be asked to observe only, please call us on[masked]. Afterwards, if you wish, please enquire about joining our mantra team. You will be most welcome, and your help in this world-saving mission is much needed. Learn more at Operation Prayer Power is open to all and is free of charge ( donations for our work are always welcome ). Operation Prayer Power takes place most Thursdays at 7:45pm and one Sunday a month at either 2:15pm or 3:00pm at our centre. Please arrive 15 minutes early. Our schedule is here:

The Aetherius Society

350 Sheffield Road Birdwell · Barnsley

What we're about

No one finds The Aetherius Society by chance.

If you are looking for Truth with a big “T”, a way to make a real difference to the world, a feeling of personal fulfilment; if you would like to develop your inner powers ( psychic senses, healing, intuition, concentration, contemplation, and more ); if you want to find answers to all the big questions ( about life, death, why we are here, extraterrestrial life, UFOs, karma, reincarnation, God ), then the Teachings of The Aetherius Society provide the answers, and King Yoga will help you develop personally and spiritually, and find answers to all your questions

... but …

are you curious and determined enough to investigate The Society, its Teachings and its Missions?

If you are, then King Yoga may prove to be the most wonderful spiritual pathway you could ever have imagined, and even more than that!

“Well, yes,” you say, “many organisations make claims like these.”, and you are right. They do.

So you may ask: “How can I be sure this is the right spiritual pathway for me?”

That is the key question, isn't it? How do you discriminate between all these people and organisations clamouring to be “the one”, and find the spiritual pathway that is best for you?

You can use logic, reason, intuition and inspiration, but you can only really be sure when you experience. Experience is the greatest teacher of all, isn't it?

It is only through experiencing it for yourself that you will ever really know whether something either works for you, or does not work for you.

King Yoga works, but you will only ever really know if you try it.

King Yoga is the path of unselfish spiritual service created for us by western Master of Yoga Dr. George King (1919 – 1997). Dr. King liked to regard himself as a straight-talking Yorkshire man. There is no dogma, no blind faith, nothing unreasonable, no assumptions, no fluff, no frills, not even much theory, in King Yoga. It is simple, powerful, and it really works.

I invite you to try it. Even if it turns out not to be the pathway for you, your time and energy will not have been wasted.

The spiritual pathway of King Yoga is an advanced form of karma yoga for our modern times; it is based upon unselfish spiritual service to others, to mankind and to the the world. There has never been a spiritual pathway like this before. It is new. It is the yoga for anyone and everyone at this time in man's history, no matter what your size, shape, age, gender, country, colour, creed or whatever.

In essence, King Yoga comprises three parts:

• teachings,

• personal development, and

• unselfish spiritual service.

The Teachings cover the widest spectrum of subjects from simple ways to develop yourself, through to information about advanced extraterrestrial beings, the universe and God, and this is all achieved using simple, easy-to-understand English.

By study of the Teachings, the Light of Truth will be lit in our minds, and, unless we extinguish it deliberately, it will grow, and grow, and never go out. With personal development, we become more and more enlightened, and become capable of providing better and better service. Being able to provide better service, we improve our karma; our understanding of the Teachings grows; personal development becomes more achievable, more rapid and more sure, until, one day, we realise that we have become able to work miracles. By then, King Yoga will have grown into an essential, treasured part of our lives; we will be living it to a lesser or greater extent every moment of every day; it will fill us with joy, and we will thank God that we found this spiritual pathway.

In return, through Dr. King, and because of him, The Society possesses teachings which are not available anywhere else, personal development practices which are safe, sure and yet powerful, and missions, the like of which may never have been given to mankind before, and certainly have not been given to any other organisation to which you or I may belong. We are immensely privileged. We are given knowledge and opportunities never before given to ordinary unenlightened people, and in return, we are asked to accept the responsibility of spreading the Teachings, of performing the Missions, and of becoming more enlightened.

Does this description of King Yoga interest you, and better still, inspire you?

Come, talk, read, experience, get involved, and watch what happens to you, to those around you, to mankind, and to the world, as King Yoga unfolds in your life, and the Light and Love of God begin to work through you.

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