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Tapping Away Unhelpful Conditioning
*Non-Meetups members will also attend this group. Count for number attending is inaccurate.* TAPPING AWAY UNHELPFUL CONDITIONING - Be free of anxiety, worry, stress, health issues and more as you utilize knowledge about the acupuncture meridian system and a widely studied tapping technology called The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). The energy that results from healthy and limited thinking sits in your body. Let's look at how this conditioning gets there and how we can clear it away. Even more importantly lets look at how new patterns are created so that you are empowered to have a lasting transformation into a better you! You deserve to be uplifted. Such a thing effects your whole reality from a vital benefit to your body, to your thought process and to the many levels of your outer life. It takes dedication and consistency if you want to make the type of lasting shift in your consciousness that is lasting and complete. Let this group experience give you the tools and the inspiration that is needed to create the shift that is now possible. ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Jeremy Anacker has been involved with transformation communities for over 27 years. He has been teaching and facilitating groups on healing techniques, thought mechanics and spiritual awareness. He is also qualified Reiki Master as he has studied with Helen Borth, the first Reiki Master in Wisconsin, for over 20 years. His added ability to see auras complements his teaching, and helps him better explain to students how to attune and trust energy realities because he can see what may be blocked in their auric field. He conducts groups on healing and transformation along with personal Reiki sessions at his space on the east side of Madison. See also: Day: Monday, June 18 Time: 7pm to 8:30pm Cost: $10 [masked]

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To create an aware, empowering, uplifting and affordable community of spiritually aware people. Healers and Spiritual Aspirants of all types are invited to join us. Would you like to participate in fun and challenging classes? You might be invited to drop favored ideas about life and reality for the sake of a natural state. Or you might hear something that you have never heard before. Abiding in your natural state of aliveness and freedom automatically sends out energetic ripples that helps to elevate the world's attitudinal climate.

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