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Mimosa 2nd floor

260 W Gilman St · Madison, WI

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Upstairs Meeting Room

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*Non-Meetups members will also attend this group. Listed number enrolled is inaccurate* Come for an uplifting, gregarious and informative sharing of Reiki Energy. Reiki Practitioners are encouraged to come as a way to continue their development in healing abilities and knowledge. Non-practitioners can come to get a treatment and to try their hand at the act of laying on hands. Laying on hands is the basic premise of the Reiki practice. (see more at ) Hosted and Facilitated by Reiki Master Jeremy Anacker What is Reiki? It is a Japanese word pronounced (ray-key) and means Universal Life Force. This is the unseen Divine energy that flows through all living things on the planet. Reiki is the study of energy, a science based on the language of symbols and attunements. It is one of the simplest, most direct and powerful ways of focusing healing energy. Its history has been handed down from ancient Tibetan Sanskrit teachings of the Vedas and is over 5,000 years old. Reiki is easy to learn, understand and practice. Practitioners and recipients find more peace, a relaxed sense of well-being, and use it as a positive treatment for the body, emotions, mind and spirit. What is this sharing all about? Attuned Reiki Practitioners are offering their healing gifts to the general public. Come to sample a treatment and to get to know some of the healers that are available to the community. You will spend some time resting on a Reiki table and one or more practitioner will provide you with the Reiki Blessing. The length of your treatment will be determined at the event. Jeremy Anacker is hosting and facilitating this event. He is a Reiki Master, an Aura Seer, and a Transformation Educator of over 19 years. He attunes and educates others into the world of healing and he will be available to discuss and inform participants about Reiki as they are waiting for a session. Jeremy Anacker will be hosting and facilitating this event. He is a Reiki Master, an Aura Seer, and a Transformation Educator of over 23 years. This is a FREE event with a $5-10 suggested donation.