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A Free Intro to Healing Alignment with Dr. Amanda Barlow PHD

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Energy Alignment Healing - Be informed and facilitated by Amanda Barlow PhD (geneticist) about how you and your life can be improved by learning about alignment, receiving alignment healings and practicing alignment techniques. Understand how to break negative patterns to allow healing and transformation to occur. The application of intentional healing and energy-based Thought Mechanics will transform your level of wellness, vitality and possibilities.

About the structure of the evening: From 6pm to 6:45pm Amanda will present the process of her journey as a healer and the basic characteristics of her healing method. Short 15 minute healing sessions will be available after the talk for $10 that can be booked either in advance or arranged at the end of the Introductory talk. Sessions will be held at 7pm, 7:20pm, 7:40pm, 8:00pm etc. Contact us by way of e-mail to secure your 15 minutes of Alignment Mind-Body Transformation Healing. While you wait, Jeremy Anacker, Amanda's husband will continue any discussions that began in the Introduction and he will facilitate with visualizations and a guided meditation.

About Amanda: Amanda is a medical research scientist, with many important published papers. She studies the genetics and development of the nervous system of the bowel in order to understand the processes that go wrong in disease. She is also a powerful psychic healer with natural healing abilities and a very deep and astute perception of human nature.

Her scientific work on the DNA level has had a very profound influence on her style of intuitive healing, as her Acute Intuitive Perception works to the core of each cell. She is able to reprogram the cellular memory to facilitate transformative healing changes.

This style of intuitive healing is revolutionary and at the forefront of our present understanding of the interconnection of mind and body.

Her down to earth nature and open heart bring life and light into everybody who has the fortune to meet her. She is a truly inspiring gift to the world.

She maintains a private healing practice in Madison, WI. Please feel free to contact Amanda for full private sessions by way of email from this Meetups site.

Private full energy sessions are available with Amanda for $75 - Contact Amanda at