From Soulmates to Spiritual Partnerships with Jeremy Anacker

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Affinity East Side Location

2617 Moland Street · Madison, WI

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Go north off of East Washington up Pawling Street. Moland is a few block in. We are also on the 4 route. Get off at Kedzie and Commercial.

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In this second class of our relationship series we will focus on what a truly spiritual partnership looks like and how we can prepare or practice for our greatest potential in authenticity. Why have you attracted conflicted and failing relationships in the past? How do you attract or choose a soul mate experience? How do you connect with your soul family? How do you choose a soulmate perspective with the person you are with?

You deserve to know about the profound harmony that is available for you in the realm of relationships. Often when someone hears that they have a soulmate out there somewhere they become compelled to make the necessary changes in themselves in order to attract that experience. If this is you what do you need to do in yourself to be available for such a joyous connection?

After looking further into the process of attraction many individuals are realizing that this harmonious reality is also available to those who are willing to work on their own consciousness in regards to current relationships. Take a look back on your life and review your relationship experiences thus far. Can you see where there were difficult tangles, outright heavy drops in energy and moments of easy and tranquil moments? Taking some time out to be more conscious about your life and the relationships that you choose is a profound gift that you can give yourself.


Translated from Japanese, Reiki basically means 'Universal Life Force Energy. It is infinitely intelligent, everywhere and in everything. This field of healing energy is at our disposal. When we learn to access it, we are led on a journey of true awe and wonder.

For Jeremy this journey has included the ability to see patterns in the energy. Full Aura Seers are rare, and one who can harness this ability into a useful tool for transformation is very special. When Jeremy does Reiki work on a person, he incorporates his gift of Auric Seeing to help in pinpointing the areas of the energy field that needs shifted, and he is better able to facilitate this process.

Limited patterns in a person’s energy field create shapes, imbalances and interruptions which are visible to a gifted seer. When a treatment is given from an attuned individual, a boost occurs in both the 'healer' and the 'healee." This energy can be a valuable asset in attaining greater wellness, emotional balance, personal empowerment, peace and more. Profound transformation often occurs if a participant surrenders limited ideas about themselves. Insight into energy patterns can help one take charge of a benefit that is created during the energy session. It is this added component that can make Reiki Sessions with Jeremy powerful and extremely useful.

ABOUT JEREMY: Jeremy Anacker is also a Reiki Teacher qualified to do Reiki attunements. He studied with Helen Borth, the first Reiki Master in Wisconsin, for over 27 years in an exciting process of discovery and realization. He has been doing Reiki healing and alignment work for many years. If someone wants to become a Reiki practitioner, either for self use or to do energy work on others, Jeremy can teach them and offer the attunements necessary to awaken this unlimited life force gift. His added ability to see auras complements his teaching, and helps him better explain to students how to attune and trust because he can see what may be blocked in their energetic field.

Treatments, Attunements and Reiki Sharing Events are offered on specific dates or by request. Personal Reiki treatments from Jeremy include dialogue on your personal auric field coupled with the benefits mentioned above. One hour sessions are $100.